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Hyles, J; Vautrin, S; Pettolino, F; MacMillan, C; Stachurski, Z; Breen, J; Berges, H; Wicker, T; Spielmeyer, W (2017). Repeat-length variation in a wheat cellulose synthase-like gene is associated with altered tiller number and stem cell wall composition. Journal of Experimental Botany, 68(7):1519-1529.

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Choulet, F; Wicker, T; Rustenholz, C; Paux, E; Salse, J; Leroy, P; Schlub, S; Paslier, M C L; Magdelenat, G; Gonthier, C; Couloux, A; Budak, H; Breen, J; Pumphrey, M; Liu, S; Kong, X; Jia, J; Gut, M; Brunel, D; Anderson, J A; Gill, B S; Appels, R; Keller, B; Feuillet, C (2010). Megabase level sequencing reveals contrasted organization and evolution patterns of the wheat gene and transposable element spaces. Plant Cell, 22(6):1686-1701.

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Vu, G T H; Wicker, T; Buchmann, J P; Chandler, P M; Matsumoto, T; Graner, A; Stein, N (2010). Fine mapping and syntenic integration of the semi-dwarfing gene sdw3 of barley. Functional & Integrative Genomics, 10(4):509-521.

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Wicker, T; Taudien, S; Houben, A; Keller, B; Graner, A; Platzer, M; Stein, N (2009). A whole-genome snapshot of 454 sequences exposes the composition of the barley genome and provides evidence for parallel evolution of genome size in wheat and barley. The Plant Journal, 59(5):712-722.

Hanemann, A; Schweizer, G F; Cossu, R; Wicker, T; Röder, M S (2009). Fine mapping, physical mapping and development of diagnostic markers for the Rrs2 scald resistance gene in barley. Theoretical and Applied Genetics, 119(8):1507-1522.

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Wicker, T; Narechania, A; Sabot, F; Stein, J; Vu, G T H; Graner, A; Ware, D; Stein, N (2008). Low-pass shotgun sequencing of the barley genome facilitates rapid identification of genes, conserved non-coding sequences and novel repeats. BMC Genomics, 9:518.

Wicker, T; Schlagenhauf, E; Graner, A; Close, T J; Keller, B; Stein, N (2006). 454 sequencing put to the test using the complex genome of barley. BMC Genomics, 7:275.

Spanu, P D; Abbott, J C; Amselem, J; Burgis, T A; Soanes, D M; Stüber, K; Ver Loren van Themaat, E; Brown, J K M; Butcher, S A; Gurr, S J; Lebrun, M H; Ridout, C J; Schulze-Lefert, P; Talbot, N J; Ahmadinejad, N; Ametz, C; Barton, G R; Benjdia, M; Bidzinski, P; Bindschedler, L V; Both, M; Brewer, M T; Cadle-Davidson, L; Cadle-Davidson, M M; Collemare, J; Cramer, R; Frenkel, O; Godfrey, D; Harriman, J; Hoede, C; King, B C; Klages, S; Kleemann, J; Knoll, D; Koti, P S; Kreplak, J; López-Ruiz, F J; Lu, X; Maekawa, T; Mahanil, S; Micali, C; Milgroom, M G; Montana, G; Noir, S; O'Connell, R J; Oberhaensli, S; Parlange, F; Pedersen, C; Quesneville, H; Reinhardt, R; Rott, M; Sacristán, S; Schmidt, S M; Schön, M; Skamnioti, P; Sommer, H; Stephens, A; Takahara, H; Thordal-Christensen, H; Vigouroux, M; Wessling, R; Wicker, T; Panstruga, R (2010). Genome expansion and gene loss in powdery mildew fungi reveal tradeoffs in extreme parasitism. Science, 330(6010):1543-1546.

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