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Nowacki, Andreas; Debove, Ines; Fiechter, Michael; Rossi, Frédéric; Oertel, Markus Florian; Wiest, Roland; Schüpbach, Michael; Pollo, Claudio (2018). Targeting Accuracy of the Subthalamic Nucleus in Deep Brain Stimulation Surgery: Comparison Between 3 T T2-Weighted Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Microelectrode Recording Results. Operative neurosurgery, 15(1):66-71.

Bürge, Markus; Bieri, Gabriela; Brühlmeier, Matthias; Colombo, Françoise; Demonet, Jean-Francois; Felbecker, Ansgar; Georgescu, Dan; Gietl, Anton; Brioschi Guevara, Andrea; Jüngling, Freimut; Kirsch, Eberhard; Kressig, Reto W; Kulic, Luka; Monsch, Andreas U; Ott, Martin; Pihan, Hans; Popp, Julius; Rampa, Luca; Rüegger-Frey, Brigitte; Schneitter, Marianne; Unschuld, Paul Gerson; von Gunten, Armin; Weinheimer, Birte; Wiest, Roland; Savaskan, Egemen (2018). Recommendations of Swiss Memory Clinics for the Diagnosis of Dementia. Praxis, 107(8):435-451.

Fiechter, Michael; Nowacki, Andreas; Oertel, Markus F; Fichtner, Jens; Debove, Ines; Lachenmayer, M Lenard; Wiest, Roland; Bassetti, Claudio L; Raabe, Andreas; Kaelin-Lang, Alain; Schüpbach, Michael W; Pollo, Claudio (2017). Deep brain stimulation for tremor: is there a common structure? Stereotactic and functional neurosurgery, 95(4):243-250.

Weisstanner, Christian; Mordasini, Livio; Thalmann, George N; Verma, Rajeev K; Rummel, Christian; Federspiel, Andrea; Kessler, Thomas M; Wiest, Roland (2017). Therapy-related longitudinal brain perfusion changes in patients with chronic pelvic pain syndrome. Swiss Medical Weekly, 147:w14454.

Reitmeir, Raluca; Eyding, Jens; Oertel, Markus F; Wiest, Roland; Gralla, Jan; Fischer, Urs; Giquel, Pierre-Yves; Weber, Stefan; Raabe, Andreas; Mattle, Heinrich P; Z'Graggen, Werner J; Beck, Jürgen (2017). Is ultrasound perfusion imaging capable of detecting mismatch? A proof-of-concept study in acute stroke patients. Journal of Cerebral Blood Flow and Metabolism, 37(4):1517-1526.

Kessler, Thomas M; Mordasini, Livio; Weisstanner, Christian; Jüni, Peter; da Costa, Bruno R; Wiest, Roland; Thalmann, George N (2014). Sono-electro-magnetic therapy for treating chronic pelvic pain syndrome in men: A randomized, placebo-controlled, double-blind trial. PLoS ONE, 9(12):e113368.

Aellen, Jerome; Abela, Eugenio; Buerki, Sarah E; Kottke, Raimund; Springer, Elisabeth; Schindler, Kaspar; Weisstanner, Christian; El-Koussy, Marwan; Schroth, Gerhard; Wiest, Roland; Gralla, Jan; Verma, Rajeev K (2014). Focal hemodynamic patterns of status epilepticus detected by susceptibility weighted imaging (SWI). European Radiology, 24(11):2980-2988.

Schucht, Philippe; Seidel, Kathleen; Murek, Michael; Stieglitz, Lennart Henning; Urwyler, Natalie; Wiest, Roland; Steinlin, Maja; Leibundgut, Kurt; Raabe, Andreas; Beck, Jürgen (2014). Low-threshold monopolar motor mapping for resection of lesions in motor eloquent areas in children and adolescents. Journal of Neurosurgery. Pediatrics, 13(5):572-578.

Mordasini, Livio; Weisstanner, Christian; Rummel, Christian; Thalmann, George N; Verma, Rajeev K; Wiest, Roland; Kessler, Thomas M (2012). Chronic pelvic pain syndrome in men is associated with reduction of relative gray matter volume in the anterior cingulate cortex compared to healthy controls. Journal of Urology, 188(6):2233-2237.

Stein, Maria; Federspiel, Andrea; Koenig, Thomas; Wirth, Miranka; Strik, Werner; Wiest, Roland; Brandeis, Daniel; Dierks, Thomas (2012). Structural plasticity in the language system related to increased second language proficiency. Cortex, 48(4):458-465.

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