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Glaser-Gallion, N; Stinn, B; Alkadhi, H; Lell, M; Goo, H W; Paul, J F; Wildermuth, S; Leschka, S (2011). Die Computertomographie bei der Bildgebung von Kindern mit kongenitalen Herzvitien. Der Radiologe, 51(1):38-43.

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Guggenberger, R; Andreisek, G; Scheffel, H; Wildermuth, S; Leschka, S; Stolzmann, P (2010). Absent cervical spine pedicle and associated congenital spinal abnormalities - a diagnostic trap in a setting of acute trauma: case report. BMC Medical Imaging, 10(1):25.

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Stolzmann, P; Leschka, S; Scheffel, H; Krauss, T; Desbiolles, L; Plass, A; Genoni, M; Flohr, T G; Wildermuth, S; Marincek, B; Alkadhi, H (2008). Dual-source CT in step-and-shoot mode: noninvasive coronary angiography with low radiation dose. Radiology, 249(1):71-80.

Leschka, S; Stolzmann, P; Schmid, F T; Scheffel, H; Stinn, B; Marincek, B; Alkadhi, H; Wildermuth, S (2008). Low kilovoltage cardiac dual-source CT: attenuation, noise, and radiation dose. European Radiology, 18(9):1809-1817.

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