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Davis, Leyla R; Bigler, Laurent; Woodhams, Douglas C (2017). Developmental trajectories of amphibian microbiota: response to bacterial therapy depends on initial community structure. Environmental Microbiology, 19(4):1502-1517.

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Woodhams, Douglas C; Bell, Sara C; Kenyon, Nicole; Alford, Ross A; Rollins-Smith, Louise A (2012). Immune evasion or avoidance: fungal skin infection linked to reduced defence peptides in Australian green-eyed treefrogs, Litoria serrata. Fungal Biology, 116(12):1203-1211.

Maag, Nino; Gehrer, Lukas; Woodhams, Douglas C (2012). Sink or swim: a test of tadpole behavioral responses to predator cues and potential alarm pheromones from skin secretions. Journal of Comparative Physiology A, 198(11):841-846.

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Rollins-Smith, Louise A; Ramsey, J P; Pask, J D; Reinert, L K; Woodhams, Douglas C (2011). Amphibian immune defenses against chytridiomycosis: impacts of changing environments. Integrative and Comparative Biology, 1(4):552-562.

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