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Chew, V; Chen, J; Lee, D A; Lim, K H; Weber, A; Slankamenac, K; Poon, R T; Yang, H; Ooi, L L; Toh, H C; Heikenwälder, M; Ng, I O; Nardin, A; Abastado, J P (2012). Chemokine-driven lymphocyte infiltration: an early intratumoural event determining long-term survival in resectable hepatocellular carcinoma. Gut, 61(3):427-438.

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Yang, H; Kim, C; Kim, M J; Schwendener, R A; Alitalo, K; Heston, W; Kim, I; Kim, W J; Koh, G Y (2011). Soluble vascular endothelial growth factor receptor-3 suppresses lymphangiogenesis and lymphatic metastasis in bladder cancer. Molecular Cancer, 10:36.

Ruzicka, K; Strader, L C; Bailly, A; Yang, H; Blakeslee, J; Langowski, L; Nejedlá, E; Fujita, H; Itoh, H; Syono, K; Hejátko, J; Gray, W M; Martinoia, E; Geisler, M; Bartel, B; Murphy, A S; Friml, J (2010). Arabidopsis PIS1 encodes the ABCG37 transporter of auxinic compounds including the auxin precursor indole-3-butyric acid. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America (PNAS), 107(23):10749-10753.

Titapiwatanakun, B; Blakeslee, J J; Bandyopadhyay, A; Yang, H; Mravec, J; Sauer, M; Cheng, Y; Adamec, J; Nagashima, A; Geisler, M; Sakai, T; Friml, J; Peer, W A; Murphy, A S (2009). ABCB19/PGP19 stabilises PIN1 in membrane microdomains in Arabidopsis. The Plant Journal, 57(1):27-44.

Kataru, R P; Jung, K; Jang, C; Yang, H; Schwendener, R; Baik, J E; Han, S H; Alitalo, K; Koh, G Y (2009). Critical role of CD11b+ macrophages and VEGF in inflammatory lymphangiogenesis, antigen clearance, and inflammation resolution. Blood, 113(22):5650-5659.

Myors, B; Lievens, F; Schollaert, E; Van Hoye, G; Cronshaw, S F; Mladinic, A; Rodriguez, V; Aguinis, H; Steiner, D D; Rolland, F; Schuler, H; Frintrup, A; Nikolaou, I; Tomprou, M; Subramony, S; Raj, S B; Tzafrir, S; Bamberger, P; Bertolino, M; Mariani, M; Fraccaroli, F; Sekiguchi, T; Onyura, B; Yang, H; Anderson, N; Evers, A; Chernyshenko, O; Englert, P; Kriek, H J; Joubert, T; Salgado, J F; König, C J; Thommen, L A; Chuang, A; Sinangil, H K; Bayazit, M; Cook, M; Shen, W; Sackett, P R (2008). International perspectives on the legal environment for selection. Industrial and Organizational Psychology: Perspectives on Science and Practice, 1(2):206-246.

Sartori, A A; Fitz-Gibbon, S; Yang, H; Miller, J H; Jiricny, J (2002). A novel uracil-DNA glycosylase with broad substrate specificity and an unusual active site. EMBO Journal, 21(12):3182-3191.

Yang, H; Chiang, J-H; Fitz-Gibbon, S; Lebel, M; Sartori, A A; Jiricny, J; Slupska, M M; Miller, J H (2002). Direct interaction between uracil-DNA glycosylase and a proliferating cell nuclear antigen homolog in the crenarchaeon Pyrobaculum aerophilum. Journal of Biological Chemistry, 277(25):22271-22278.

Schier, A F; Neuhauss, S C F; Harvey, M; Malicki, J; Solnica-Krezel, L; Stainier, D Y; Zwartkruis, F J T; Abdelilah, S; Stemple, D L; Rangini, Z; Yang, H; Driever, W (1996). Mutations affecting the development of the embryonic zebrafish brain. Development, 123(UNSPECIFIE):165-178.

Yang, H (1993). Conjugate gradient methods for the Rayleigh quotient minimization of generalized eigenvalue problems. Computing, 51(1):79-94.

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