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Agten, Christoph A; Zubler, Veronika; Zanetti, Marco; Binkert, Christoph A; Kolokythas, Orpheus; Prentl, Elke; Buck, Florian M; Pfirrmann, Christian W A (2018). Postpartum Bone Marrow Edema at the Sacroiliac Joints May Mimic Sacroiliitis of Axial Spondyloarthritis on MRI. American Journal of Roentgenology, 211(6):1306-1312.

Zubler, Veronika; Zanetti, Marco; Dietrich, Tobias J; Espinosa, Norman; Pfirrmann, Christian W; Mamisch-Saupe, Nadja (2017). Is there an added value of T1-weighted contrast-enhanced fat-suppressed spin-echo MR sequences compared to STIR sequences in MRI of the foot and ankle? European Radiology, 27(8):3452-3459.

Klammer, Georg; Maquieira, Gerardo J; Spahn, Silke; Vigfusson, Vanessa; Zanetti, Marco; Espinosa, Norman (2015). Natural history of nonoperatively treated osteochondral lesions of the talus. Foot and Ankle International, 36(1):24-31.

Sutter, Reto; Zubler, Veronika; Hoffmann, Adrienne; Mamisch-Saupe, Nadja; Dora, Claudio; Kalberer, Fabian; Zanetti, Marco; Hodler, Juerg; Pfirrmann, Christian W A (2014). Hip MRI: how useful is intraarticular contrast material for evaluating surgically proven lesions of the labrum and articular cartilage? American Journal of Roentgenology, 202(1):160-169.

Ulbrich, Erika J; Zubler, Veronika; Sutter, Reto; Espinosa, Norman; Pfirrmann, Christian W; Zanetti, Marco (2013). Ligaments of the Lisfranc joint in MRI: 3D-SPACE (sampling perfection with application optimized contrasts using different flip-angle evolution) sequence compared to three orthogonal proton-density fat-saturated (PD fs) sequences. Skeletal Radiology, 42(3):399-409.

Djahangiri, Ali; Cozzolino, Andrea; Zanetti, Marco; Helmy, Naeder; Rufibach, Kaspar; Jost, Bernhard; Gerber, Christian (2013). Outcome of single-tendon rotator cuff repair in patients aged older than 65 years. Journal of Shoulder and Elbow Surgery, 22(1):45-51.

Dietrich, Tobias J; Suter, Aline; Pfirrmann, Christian W A; Dora, Claudio; Fucentese, Sandro F; Zanetti, Marco (2012). Supraacetabular fossa (pseudodefect of acetabular cartilage): frequency at MR arthrography and comparison of findings at MR arthrography and arthroscopy. Radiology, 263(2):484-491.

Sutter, Reto; Zanetti, Marco; Pfirrmann, Christian W A (2012). New developments in hip imaging. Radiology, 264(3):651-67.

Duc, Sylvain R; Mengiardi, Bernard; Pfirrmann, Christian W A; Hodler, Juerg; Zanetti, Marco (2007). Improved visualization of collateral ligaments of the ankle: multiplanar reconstructions based on standard 2D turbo spin-echo MR images. European Radiology, 17(5):1162-1171.

Hechelhammer, Lukas; Pfirrmann, Christian W A; Zanetti, Marco; Hodler, Juerg; Boos, Norbert; Schmid, Marius R (2007). Imaging findings predicting the outcome of cervical facet joint blocks. European Radiology, 17(4):959-964.

Zanetti, Marco; Saupe, Nadja; Nagy, Ladislav (2007). Role of MR imaging in chronic wrist pain. European Radiology, 17(4):927-938.

Mengiardi, Bernard; Pfirrmann, Christian W A; Schöttle, Philip B; Bode, Beata; Hodler, Juerg; Vienne, Patrick; Zanetti, Marco (2006). Magic angle effect in MR imaging of ankle tendons: influence of foot positioning on prevalence and site in asymptomatic subjects and cadaveric tendons. European Radiology, 16(10):2197-2206.

Duc, Sylvain R; Hodler, Juerg; Schmid, Marius R; Zanetti, Marco; Mengiardi, Bernard; Dora, Claudio; Pfirrmann, Christian W A (2006). Prospective evaluation of two different injection techniques for MR arthrography of the hip. European Radiology, 16(2):473-478.

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Zanetti, Marco; Hodler, Jürg (2002). Reply to A. Karantanas: MR arthrographic variability of the arthroscopically normal glenoid labrum: qualitative and quantitative assessment. European Radiology, 12(2):492.

Zanetti, Marco; Steiner, Christian Luzius; Seifert, Burkhardt; Hodler, Juerg (2002). Clinical outcome of edema-like bone marrow abnormalities of the foot. Radiology, 222(1):184-188.

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