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Valko, P O; Siddique, A; Linsenmeier, C; Zaugg, K; Held, U; Hofer, S (2015). Prevalence and predictors of fatigue in glioblastoma: a prospective study. Neuro-Oncology, 17(2):274-281.

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Krones, Tanja; Biller Andorno, Nikola; in der Schmitten, J; Mitchell, C; Spirig, R; Zaugg, K (2012). Shared decision making and advance care planning-underpinnings, similarities and differences. BMJ Supportive & Palliative Care, 2(2):173.

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Zweifel, M; Stenner-Liewen, F; Weber, A; Samaras, P; Zaugg, K; Knuth, A; Soyka, J D (2010). Increased bone marrow activity on F-18-FDG PET/CT in granulocyte colony stimulating factor producing anaplastic thyroid carcinoma. Clinical Nuclear Medicine, 35(2):103-104.

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Cathomas, R; Helbling, D; Stenner, F; Rothermundt, C; Rentsch, C; Shahin, O; Seifert, H-H; Zaugg, K; Lorch, A; Mayer, F; Beyer, J; De Santis, M; Gillessen, S (2010). Interdisciplinary evidence-based recommendations for the follow-up of testicular cancer patients: a joint effort. Swiss Medical Weekly, 140(25-26):356-369.

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Lucchinetti, E; Zeisberger, S M; Baruscotti, I; Wacker, J; Feng, J; Zaugg, K; Dubey, R K; Zisch, A H; Zaugg, M (2009). Stem cell-like human endothelial progenitors show enhanced colony-forming capacity after brief sevoflurane exposure: preconditioning of angiogenic cells by volatile anesthetics. Anesthesia and Analgesia, 109(4):1117-1126.

Lucchinetti, E; Wacker, J; Maurer, C; Keel, M; Härter, L; Zaugg, K; Zaugg, M (2009). Helium breathing provides modest antiinflammatory, but no endothelial protection against ischemia-reperfusion injury in humans in vivo. Anesthesia and Analgesia, 109(1):101-108.

Feng, J; Lucchinetti, E; Fischer, G; Zhu, M; Zaugg, K; Schaub, M C; Zaugg, M (2008). Cardiac remodelling hinders activation of cyclooxygenase-2, diminishing protection by delayed pharmacological preconditioning: role of HIF1 alpha and CREB. Cardiovascular Research, 78(1):98-107.

von Moos, R; Strasser, F; Gillessen, S; Zaugg, K (2008). Metastatic bone pain: treatment options with an emphasis on bisphosphonates. Supportive Care in Cancer, 16(10):1105-1115.

Pereira, J; Pautex, S; Cantin, B; Gudat, H; Zaugg, K; Eychmuller, S; Zulian, G (2008). Palliative care education in Swiss undergraduate medical curricula: a case of too little, too early. Palliative Medicine, 22(6):730-735.

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