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Gehrmann, T; Glover, E W N; Huss, A; Niehues, J; Zhang, H (2017). NNLO QCD corrections to event orientation in $e^+e^-$ annihilation. Physics Letters B, 775:185-189.

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Altenburger, Roland (2009). Re-reading myth in 'Water Margin'. In: Zhou, J; Zhang, H; Zhang, S. Chongdu jingdian: Zhongguo chuantong xiaoshuo yu xiqu de duochong toushi. Hong Kong: Oxford University Press, 554-577.

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Desiere, F; Deutsch, E W; Nesvizhskii, A I; Mallick, P; King, N L; Eng, J K; Aderem, A; Boyle, R; Brunner, E; Donohoe, S; Fausto, N; Hafen, E; Hood, L; Katze, M G; Kennedy, K A; Kregenow, F; Lee, H; Lin, B; Martin, D; Ranish, J A; Rawlings, D J; Samelson, L E; Shiio, Y; Watts, J D; Wollscheid, B; Wright, M E; Yan, W; Yang, L; Yi, E C; Zhang, H; Aebersold, R (2005). Integration with the human genome of peptide sequences obtained by high-throughput mass spectrometry. Genome Biology, 6:R9.

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Zhang, H; Marra, G; Jiricny, J; Maher, V M; McCormick, J J (2000). Mismatch repair is required for O(6)-methylguanine-induced homologous recombination in human fibroblasts. Carcinogenesis, 21(9):1639-1646.

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