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Hötker, Andreas M; Meier, Andreas; Mazaheri, Yousef; Zheng, Junting; Capanu, Marinela; Chaim, Joshua; Sosa, Ramon; Coleman, Jonathan; Hricak, Hedvig; Akin, Oguz (2019). Temporal changes in MRI appearance of the prostate after focal ablation. Abdominal Radiology, 44(1):272-278.

Hötker, Andreas M; Mazaheri, Yousef; Wibmer, Andreas; Karlo, Christoph A; Zheng, Junting; Moskowitz, Chaya S; Tickoo, Satish K; Russo, Paul; Hricak, Hedvig; Akin, Oguz (2017). Differentiation of Clear Cell Renal Cell Carcinoma From Other Renal Cortical Tumors by Use of a Quantitative Multiparametric MRI Approach. American Journal of Roentgenology, 208(3):W85-W91.

Hötker, Andreas M; Karlo, Christoph A; Zheng, Junting; Moskowitz, Chaya S; Russo, Paul; Hricak, Hedvig; Akin, Oguz (2016). Clear cell renal cell carcinoma: Associations between CT features and patient survival. American Journal of Roentgenology, 206(5):1023-1030.

Donati, Olivio F; Do, Richard Kinh Gian; Hötker, Andreas M; Katz, Seth S; Zheng, Junting; Moskowitz, Chaya S; Beattie, Christopher; Brown, Karen T (2015). Interreader and inter-test agreement in assessing treatment response following transarterial embolization for hepatocellular carcinoma. European Radiology, 25(9):2779-2788.

Di Paolo, Pier Luigi; Vargas, Hebert Alberto; Karlo, Christoph A; Lakhman, Yulia; Zheng, Junting; Moskowitz, Chaya S; Al-Ahmadie, Hikmat A; Sala, Evis; Bochner, Bernard H; Hricak, Hedvig (2015). Intradiverticular bladder cancer: CT imaging features and their association with clinical outcomes. Clinical Imaging, 39(1):94-98.

Burger, Irene A; Vargas, Hebert A; Beattie, Brad J; Goldman, Debra A; Zheng, Junting; Larson, Steven M; Humm, John L; Schmidtlein, Charles R (2014). How to assess background activity: introducing a histogram-based analysis as a first step for accurate one-step PET quantification. Nuclear medicine communications, 35(3):316-324.

Donati, Olivio F; Mazaheri, Yousef; Afaq, Asim; Vargas, Hebert A; Zheng, Junting; Moskowitz, Chaya S; Hricak, Hedvig; Akin, Oguz (2014). Prostate cancer aggressiveness: assessment with whole-lesion histogram analysis of the apparent diffusion coefficient. Radiology, 271(1):143-152.

Karlo, Christoph A; Donati, Olivio F; Burger, Irene A; Zheng, Junting; Moskowitz, Chaya S; Hricak, Hedvig; Akin, Oguz (2013). MR imaging of renal cortical tumours: qualitative and quantitative chemical shift imaging parameters. European Radiology, 23(6):1738-1744.

Donati, Olivio F; Jung, Sung Il; Vargas, Hebert Alberto; Gultekin, David H; Zheng, Junting; Moskowitz, Chaya S; Hricak, Hedvig; Zelefsky, Michael J; Akin, Oguz (2013). Multiparametric prostate MR imaging with T2-weighted, diffusion-weighted, and dynamic contrast-enhanced sequences: Are all pulse sequences necessary to detect locally recurrent prostate cancer after radiation therapy? Radiology, 268(2):440-450.

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