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Zhigadlo, N; Weyeneth, S; Katrych, S; Moll, P; Rogacki, K; Bosma, S; Puzniak, R; Karpinski, J; Batlogg, B (2012). High-pressure flux growth, structural, and superconducting properties of LnFeAsO (Ln = Pr, Nd, Sm) single crystals. Physical Review B (Condensed Matter and Materials Physics), 86(21):214509.

Welp, U; Chaparro, C; Koshelev, A; Kwok, W; Rydh, A; Zhigadlo, N; Karpinski, J; Weyeneth, S (2011). Anisotropic phase diagram and superconducting fluctuations of single-crystalline SmFeAsO_{0.85}F_{0.15}. Physical Review. B, 83(10):100513.

Zhigadlo, N; Katrych, S; Bendele, M; Moll, P; Tortello, M; Weyeneth, S; Pomjakushin, V Yu; Kanter, J; Puzniak, R; Bukowski, Z; Keller, H; Gonnelli, R; Khasanov, R; Karpinski, J; Batlogg, B (2011). Interplay of composition, structure, magnetism, and superconductivity in SmFeAs_{1−x}P_{x}O_{1−y}. Physical Review. B, Condensed Matter and Materials Physics, 84(13):134526.

Weyeneth, S; Moll, P; Puzniak, R; Ninios, K; Balakirev, F; McDonald, R; Chan, H; Zhigadlo, N; Katrych, S; Bukowski, Z; Karpinski, J; Keller, H; Batlogg, B; Balicas, L (2011). Rearrangement of the antiferromagnetic ordering at high magnetic fields in SmFeAsO and SmFeAsO_{0.9}F_{0.1} single crystals. Physical Review. B, 83(13):134503.

Khasanov, R; Sanna, S; Prando, G; Shermadini, Z; Bendele, M; Amato, A; Carretta, P; De Renzi, R; Karpinski, J; Katrych, S; Luetkens, H; Zhigadlo, N (2011). Tuning of competing magnetic and superconducting phase volumes in LaFeAsO_{0.945}F_{0.055} by hydrostatic pressure. Physical Review B, 84(10):100501.

Kondo, T; Khasanov, R; Karpinski, J; Kazakov, S; Zhigadlo, N; Bukowski, Z; Shi, M; Bendounan, A; Sassa, Y; Chang, J; Pailhés, S; Mesot, J; Schmalian, J; Keller, H; Kaminski, A (2010). Anomalies in the Fermi surface and band dispersion of quasi-one-dimensional CuO chains in the high-temperature superconductor YBa$_{2}$Cu$_{4}$O$_{8}$. Physical Review Letters, 105(26):267003.

Zhigadlo, N; Katrych, S; Weyeneth, S; Puzniak, R; Moll, P; Bukowski, Z; Karpinski, J; Keller, H; Batlogg, B (2010). Th-substituted SmFeAsO: Structural details and superconductivity with T$_{c}$ above 50 K. Physical Review. B, Condensed Matter and Materials Physics, 82(6):064517.

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