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Weber, B; Dijkman, P E; Scherman, J; Sanders, B; Emmert, M Y; Grünenfelder, J; Verbeek, R; Bracher, M; Black, M; Franz, T; Kortsmit, J; Modregger, P; Peter, S; Stampanoni, M; Robert, J; Kehl, D; van Doeselaar, M; Schweiger, M; Brokopp, C E; Wälchli, T; Falk, V; Zilla, P; Driessen-Mol, A; Baaijens, F P; Hoerstrup, S P (2013). Off-the-shelf human decellularized tissue-engineered heart valves in a non-human primate model. Biomaterials, 34(30):7269-7280.

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Weber, B; Scherman, J; Emmert, M Y; Grünenfelder, J; Verbeek, R; Bracher, M; Black, M; Kortsmit, J; Franz, T; Schoenauer, R; Baumgartner, L; Brokopp, C E; Agarkova, I; Wolint, P; Zund, G; Falk, V; Zilla, P; Hoerstrup, S P (2011). Injectable living marrow stromal cell-based autologous tissue engineered heart valves: first experiences with a one-step intervention in primates. European Heart Journal, 32(22):2830-2840.

de Vaal, M H; Neville, J; Litow, M; Scherman, J; Zilla, P; Franz, T (2011). Patient-specific prediction of intrinsic mechanical loadings on sub-muscular pectoral pacemaker implants based on an inter-species transfer function. Journal of Biomechanics, 44(14):2525-2531.

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Davies, N; Dobner, S; Bezuidenhout, D; Schmidt, C; Beck, M; Zisch, A H; Zilla, P (2008). The dosage dependence of VEGF stimulation on scaffold neovascularisation. Biomaterials, 29(26):3531-3538.

Zilla, P; Human, P; Wolf, M; Lichtenberg, W; Rafiee, N; Bezuidenhout, D; Samodien, N; Schmidt, C; Franz, T (2008). Constrictive external nitinol meshes inhibit vein graft intimal hyperplasia in nonhuman primates. Journal of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery, 136(3):717-725.

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