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Bennett, J L; de Seze, J; Lana-Peixoto, M; Palace, J; Waldman, A; Schippling, S; Tenembaum, S; Banwell, B; Greenberg, B; Levy, M; Fujihara, K; Chan, K H; Kim, H J; Asgari, N; Sato, D K; Saiz, A; Wuerfel, J; Zimmermann, H; Green, A; Villoslada, P; Paul, F (2015). Neuromyelitis optica and multiple sclerosis: Seeing differences through optical coherence tomography. Multiple Sclerosis, 21(6):678-688.

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Anderson, S E; Boesch, C; Zimmermann, H; Busato, A; Hodler, J; Bingisser, R; Ulbrich, E J; Nidecker, A; Buitrago-Téllez, C H; Bonel, H M; Heini, P; Schaeren, S; Sturzenegger, M (2012). Are there cervical spine findings at MR imaging that are specific to acute symptomatic whiplash injury? A prospective controlled study with four experienced blinded readers. Radiology, 262(2):567-575.

Brandt, A U; Zimmermann, H; Kaufhold, F; Promesberger, J; Schippling, S; Finis, D; Aktas, O; Geiser, C; Ringelstein, M; Ringelstein, E B; Hartung, H P; Paul, F; Kleffner, I; Dörr, J (2012). Patterns of retinal damage facilitate differential diagnosis between Susac syndrome and MS. PLoS ONE, 7(6):e38741.

Oberwahrenbrock, T; Schippling, S; Ringelstein, M; Kaufhold, F; Zimmermann, H; Keser, N; Young, K L; Harmel, J; Hartung, H P; Martin, R; Paul, F; Aktas, O; Brandt, A U (2012). Retinal damage in multiple sclerosis disease subtypes measured by high-resolution optical coherence tomography. Multiple sclerosis international, 2012:530305.

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Zeisberger, S M; Schulz, J C; Mairhofer, M; Ponsaerts, P; Wouters, G; Doerr, D; Katsen-Globa, A; Ehrbar, M; Hescheler, J; Hoerstrup, S P; Zisch, A H; Kolbus, A; Zimmermann, H (2011). Biological and physicochemical characterization of a serum- and xeno-free chemically defined cryopreservation procedure for adult human progenitor cells. Cell Transplantation, 20(8):1241-1257.

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Hinrichsen, H J (2009). Musikalische Interpretation und antisemitisches Rezeptionsparadox: Joseph Joachim – Richard Wagner – Hans von Bülow. In: Borchard, B; Zimmermann, H. Musikwelten – Lebenswelten: Jüdische Identitätssuche in der deutschen Musikkultur. Köln: Böhlau, 181-191.

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