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Santoro, G; Blacque, O; Zobi, F (2012). Post-protein-binding metal-mediated coupling of an acridine orange-based fluorophore. Metallomics, 4(3):253-259.

Zobi, F; Blacque, O (2011). Reactivity of 17 e(-) Complex Re(II)Br(4)(CO)(2)](2-) with Bridging Aromatic Ligands. Characterization and CO-Releasing Properties. Dalton Transactions, 40(18):4994-5001.

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Zobi, F (2010). Ligand electronic parameters as a measure of the polarization of the C≡O bond in [M(CO)(x)L(y)]n complexes and of the relative stabilization of [M(CO)(x)L(y)](n/n+1) species. Inorganic Chemistry, 49(22):10370-10377.

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Zobi, F; Spingler, B; Alberto, R (2005). Structure, reactivity and solution behaviour of [Re(ser)(7-MeG)(CO)(3)] and [Re(ser)(3-pic)(CO)(3)]: "nucleoside-mimicking" complexes based on the fac-[Re(CO)(3)](+) moiety. Dalton Transactions, 17:2859-2865.

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Zobi, F; Spingler, B; Fox, T; Alberto, R (2003). Toward novel DNA binding metal complexes: structure and basic kinetic data of [M(9MeG)2(CH3OH)(CO)3]+(M = 99Tc, Re). Inorganic Chemistry, 42(9):2818-2820.

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