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Gascho, Dominic; Zoelch, Niklaus; Richter, Henning; Buehlmann, Alexander; Wyss, Philipp; Schaerli, Sarah (2019). Identification of bullets based on their metallic components and X-ray attenuation characteristics at different energy levels on CT. American Journal of Roentgenology, 213(3):W105-W113.

Zoelch, Niklaus; Hock, Andreas; Steuer, Andrea E; Heimer, Jakob; Kraemer, Thomas; Thali, Michael J; Gascho, Dominic (2019). In situ postmortem ethanol quantification in the cerebrospinal fluid by non-water-suppressed proton MRS. NMR in Biomedicine, 32(5):e4081.

Zoelch, Niklaus; Hock, Andreas; Henning, Anke (2018). Quantitative magnetic resonance spectroscopy at 3T based on the principle of reciprocity. NMR in Biomedicine, 31(5):e3875.

Heimer, Jakob; Gascho, Dominic; Chatzaraki, Vasiliki; Fröhlich Knaute, Damaris; Sterzik, Vera; Martinez, Rosa Maria; Thali, Michael J; Zoelch, Niklaus (2018). Postmortem $^1$H-MRS—detection of ketone bodies and glucose in diabetic ketoacidosis. International journal of legal medicine, 132(2):593-598.

Gascho, Dominic; Ganzoni, Lucia; Kolly, Philippe; Zoelch, Niklaus; Hatch, Gary M; Thali, Michael J; Ruder, Thomas D (2017). A new method for estimating patient body weight using CT dose modulation data. European radiology experimental, 1:23.

Zoelch, Niklaus; Hock, Andreas; Heinzer-Schweizer, Susanne; Avdievitch, Nikolai; Henning, Anke (2017). Accurate determination of brain metabolite concentrations using ERETIC as external reference. NMR in Biomedicine, 30(8):e3731.

Hock, Andreas; Wilm, Bertram; Zandomeneghi, Giorgia; Ampanozi, Garyfalia; Franckenberg, Sabine; Zoelch, Niklaus; Wyss, Patrik Oliver; De Zanche, Nicola; Nordmeyer-Maßner, Jurek; Kraemer, Thomas; Thali, Michael; Ernst, Matthias; Kollias, Spyros; Henning, Anke (2016). Neurochemical profile of the human cervical spinal cord determined by MRS. NMR in Biomedicine, 29(10):1464-1476.

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