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Townsend, Simon W; Engesser, Sabrina; Stoll, Sabine; Zuberbühler, Klaus; Bickel, Balthasar (2018). Compositionality in animals and humans. PLoS Biology, 16(8):e2006425.

Townsend, Simon W; Koski, Sonja E; Byrne, Richard W; Slocombe, Katie E; Bickel, Balthasar; Boeckle, Markus; Braga Goncalves, Ines; Burkart, Judith M; Flower, Tom; Gaunet, Florence; Glock, Hans Johann; Gruber, Thibaud; Jansen, David A W A M; Liebal, Katja; Linke, Angelika; Miklósi, Ádám; Moore, Richard; van Schaik, Carel P; Stoll, Sabine; Vail, Alex; Waller, Bridget M; Wild, Markus; Zuberbühler, Klaus; Manser, Marta B (2017). Exorcising Grice's ghost: an empirical approach to studying intentional communication in animals. Biological Reviews of the Cambridge Philosophical Society, 92(3):1427-1433.

Mercier, Stéphanie; Neumann, Christof; van de Waal, Erica; Chollet, Emmeline; Meric de Bellefon, Jade; Zuberbühler, Klaus (2017). Vervet monkeys greet adult males during high-risk situations. Animal Behaviour, 132:229-245.

Bshary, Redouan; Zuberbühler, Klaus; van Schaik, C P (2016). Why mutual helping in most natural systems is neither conflict-free nor based on maximal conflict. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London. Series B: Biological Sciences, 371(1687):2015009.

Gruber, Thibaud; Zuberbühler, Klaus; Clément, Fabrice; van Schaik, Carel P (2015). Apes have culture but may not know that they do. Frontiers in Psychology:6:91.

Wilson, Michael L; Boesch, Christophe; Fruth, Barbara; Furuichi, Takeshi; Gilby, Ian C; Hashimoto, Chie; Hobaiter, Catherine L; Hohmann, Gottfried; Itoh, Noriko; Koops, Kathelijne; Lloyd, Julia N; Matsuzawa, Tetsuro; Mitani, John C; Mjungu, Deus C; Morgan, David; Muller, Martin N; Mundry, Roger; Nakamura, Michio; Pruetz, Jill; Pusey, Anne E; Riedel, Julia; Sanz, Crickette; Schel, Anne M; Simmons, Nicole; Waller, Michel; Watts, David P; White, Frances; Wittig, Roman M; Zuberbühler, Klaus; Wrangham, Richard W (2014). Lethal aggression in Pan is better explained by adaptive strategies than human impacts. Nature, 513(7518):414-417.

Schel, Anne M; Townsend, Simon W; Machanda, Zarin; Zuberbühler, Klaus; Slocombe, Katie E (2013). Chimpanzee alarm call production meets key criteria for intentionality. PLoS ONE, 8(10):e76674.

Schel, Anne M; Machanda, Zarin; Townsend, Simon W; Zuberbühler, Klaus; Slocombe, Katie E (2013). Chimpanzee food calls are directed at specific individuals. Animal Behaviour, 86(5):955-965.

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Townsend, Simon William; Deschner, Tobias; Zuberbühler, Klaus (2011). Copulation calls in female chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes schweinfurthii) convey identity but do not accurately reflect fertility. International Journal of Primatology, 32(4):914-923.

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