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Weber, B; Scherman, J; Emmert, M Y; Grünenfelder, J; Verbeek, R; Bracher, M; Black, M; Kortsmit, J; Franz, T; Schoenauer, R; Baumgartner, L; Brokopp, C E; Agarkova, I; Wolint, P; Zund, G; Falk, V; Zilla, P; Hoerstrup, S P (2011). Injectable living marrow stromal cell-based autologous tissue engineered heart valves: first experiences with a one-step intervention in primates. European Heart Journal, 32(22):2830-2840.

Schmidt, D; Dijkman, P E; Driessen-Mol, A; Stenger, R; Mariani, C; Puolakka, A; Rissanen, M; Deichmann, T; Odermatt, B; Weber, B; Emmert, M Y; Zund, G; Baaijens, F P T; Hoerstrup, S P (2010). Minimally-invasive implantation of living tissue engineered heart valves: a comprehensive approach from autologous vascular cells to stem cells. Journal of the American College of Cardiology, 56(6):510-520.

Sudano, I; Flammer, A J; Hermann, F; Syburra, T; Kaiser, P; Hirt, A; Hermann, M; Corti, R; Ruschitzka, F; Zund, G; Noll, G (2008). Auricall: A new device for a non-invasive, wireless, continuous monitoring of oxygen saturation and heart rate in patients with heart failure. International Journal of Cardiology, 129(1):141-143.

Plass, A; Valenta, I; Gaemperli, O; Kaufmann, P; Alkadhi, H; Zund, G; Grünenfelder, J; Genoni, M (2008). Assessment of coronary sinus anatomy between normal and insufficient mitral valves by multi-slice computertomography for mitral annuloplasty device implantation. European Journal of Cardio-Thoracic Surgery, 33(4):583-589.

Schmidt, D; Achermann, J; Odermatt, B; Genoni, M; Zund, G; Hoerstrup, S P (2008). Cryopreserved amniotic fluid-derived cells: a lifelong autologous fetal stem cell source for heart valve tissue engineering. Journal of Heart Valve Disease, 17(4):446-455.

Schmidt, D; Achermann, J; Odermatt, B; Breymann, C; Mol, A; Genoni, M; Zund, G; Hoerstrup, S P (2007). Prenatally fabricated autologous human living heart valves based on amniotic fluid derived progenitor cells as single cell source. Circulation, 116(11 Sup):I64-I70.

Plass, A; Grunenfelder, J; Leschka, S; Alkadhi, H; Eberli, F; Wildermuth, S; Zund, G; Genoni, M (2006). Coronary artery imaging with 64-slice computed tomography from cardiac surgical perspective. European Journal of Cardio-Thoracic Surgery, 30(1):109-116.

Schmidt, D; Asmis, L M; Odermatt, B; Kelm, J; Breymann, C; Gössi, M; Genoni, M; Zund, G; Hoerstrup, S P (2006). Engineered living blood vessels: functional endothelia generated from human umbilical cord-derived progenitors. Annals of Thoracic Surgery, 82(4):1465-1471.

Schmidt, D; Mol, A; Odermatt, B; Neuenschwander, S; Breymann, C; Gössi, M; Genoni, M; Zund, G; Hoerstrup, S P (2006). Engineering of biologically active living heart valve leaflets using human umbilical cord-derived progenitor cells. Tissue Engineering, 12(11):3223-3232.

Hoerstrup, S P; Cummings Mrcs, I; Lachat, Mario L; Schoen, F J; Jenni, R; Leschka, S; Neuenschwander, S; Schmidt, D; Mol, A; Günter, C; Gössi, M; Genoni, M; Zund, G (2006). Functional growth in tissue-engineered living, vascular grafts: follow-up at 100 weeks in a large animal model. Circulation, 114(1 Supp):I 159-I 166.

Schmidt, D; Mol, A; Breymann, C; Achermann, J; Odermatt, B; Gössi, M; Neuenschwander, S; Prêtre, René; Genoni, M; Zund, G; Hoerstrup, S P (2006). Living autologous heart valves engineered from human prenatally harvested progenitors. Circulation Research, 114(1 Suppl):I125-I131.

Schmidt, D; Mol, A; Neuenschwander, S; Breymann, C; Gössi, M; Zund, G; Turina, M; Hoerstrup, S P (2005). Living patches engineered from human umbilical cord derived fibroblasts and endothelial progenitor cells. European Journal of Cardio-Thoracic Surgery, 27(5):795-800.

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Schmidt, D; Breymann, C; Weber, A; Guenter, C I; Neuenschwander, S; Zund, G; Turina, M; Hoerstrup, S P (2004). Umbilical cord blood derived endothelial progenitor cells for tissue engineering of vascular grafts. Annals of Thoracic Surgery, 78(6):2094-2098.

Maurus, C F; Schmidt, D; Schneider, M K; Turina, M I; Seebach, J D; Zund, G (2003). Hypoxia and reoxygenation do not upregulate adhesion molecules and natural killer cell adhesion on human endothelial cells in vitro. European Journal of Cardio-Thoracic Surgery, 23(6):976-983.

Hoerstrup, S P; Kadner, A; Melnitchouk, S; Trojan, A; Eid, K; Tracy, J; Sodian, R; Visjager, J F; Kolb, S A; Grünenfelder, J; Zund, G; Turina, M I (2002). Tissue engineering of functional trileaflet heart valves from human marrow stromal cells. Circulation, 106(12 Sup):I143-I150.

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