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Schmid, Jonas Andreas; Berti, Matteo; Walser, Franziska; Raso, Maria Chiara; Schmid, Fabian; Krietsch, Jana; Stoy, Henriette; Zwicky, Katharina; Ursich, Sebastian; Freire, Raimundo; Lopes, Massimo; Penengo, Lorenza (2018). Histone Ubiquitination by the DNA Damage Response Is Required for Efficient DNA Replication in Unperturbed S Phase. Molecular Cell, 71(6):897-910.e8.

Vujanovic, Marko; Krietsch, Jana; Raso, Maria Chiara; Terraneo, Nastassja; Zellweger, Ralph; Schmid, Jonas A; Taglialatela, Angelo; Huang, Jen-Wei; Holland, Cory L; Zwicky, Katharina; Herrador, Raquel; Jacobs, Heinz; Cortez, David; Ciccia, Alberto; Penengo, Lorenza; Lopes, Massimo (2017). Replication Fork Slowing and Reversal upon DNA Damage Require PCNA Polyubiquitination and ZRANB3 DNA Translocase Activity. Molecular Cell, 67(5):882-890.e5.

Zwicky, Katharina. Mechanistic and Structural Insights into Unusual Replication Intermediates in Mammalian Cells. 2017, University of Zurich, Faculty of Science.

Fumasoni, Marco; Zwicky, Katharina; Vanoli, Fabio; Lopes, Massimo; Branzei, Dana (2015). Error-Free DNA Damage Tolerance and Sister Chromatid Proximity during DNA Replication Rely on the PolĪ±/Primase/Ctf4 Complex. Molecular Cell:1-13.

Giannattasio, Michele; Zwicky, Katharina; Follonier, Cindy; Foiani, Marco; Lopes, Massimo; Branzei, Dana (2014). Visualization of recombination-mediated damage bypass by template switching. Nature Structural & Molecular Biology, 21(10):884-892.

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