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de Vos, Jurriaan M; Keller, Barbara; Zhang, Li-Rui; Nowak, Michael D; Conti, Elena (2018). Mixed mating in homostylous species: genetic and experimental evidence from an alpine plant with variable herkogamy, Primula halleri. International Journal of Plant Sciences, 179(2):87-99.

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Haller, Benjamin C; de Vos, Jurriaan M; Keller, Barbara; Hendry, Andrew P; Conti, Elena (2014). A tale of two morphs: modeling pollen transfer, magic traits, and reproductive isolation in parapatry. PLoS ONE, 9(9):e106512.

de Vos, Jurriaan M; Hughes, Colin E; Schneeweiss, Gerald M; Moore, Brian R; Conti, Elena (2014). Heterostyly accelerates diversification via reduced extinction in primroses. Proceedings of the Royal Society of London, Series B: Biological Sciences, 281(1784):20140075.

Schirrmeister, Bettina E; de Vos, Jurriaan M; Antonelli, Alexandre; Bagheri, Homayoun C (2013). Evolution of multicellularity coincided with increased diversification of cyanobacteria and the Great Oxidation Event. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 110(5):1791-1796.

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de Vos, Jurriaan M; Keller, Barbara; Isham, Samuel T; Kelso, Sylvia; Conti, Elena (2012). Reproductive implications of herkogamy in homostylous primroses: variation during anthesis and reproductive assurance in alpine environments. Functional Ecology, 26(4):854-865.

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