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Samaras, Panagiotis; Tusup, Marina; Nguyen-Kim, Thi Dan Linh; Seifert, Burkhardt; Bachmann, Helga; von Moos, Roger; Knuth, Alexander; Pascolo, Steve (2017). Phase I study of a chloroquine-gemcitabine combination in patients with metastatic or unresectable pancreatic cancer. Cancer Chemotherapy and Pharmacology, 80(5):1005-1012.

Mangana, Joanna; Cheng, Phil F; Kaufmann, Corina; Amann, Valerie C; Frauchiger, Anna L; Stögner, Viola; Held, Ulrike; von Moos, Roger; Michielin, Olivier; Braun, Ralph P; Levesque, Mitchell P; Goldinger, Simone M; Dummer, Reinhard (2017). Multicenter, real-life experience with checkpoint inhibitors and targeted therapy agents in advanced melanoma patients in Switzerland. Melanoma research, 27(4):358-368.

Pestalozzi, Bernhard C; Tausch, Christoph; Dedes, Konstantin J; Rochlitz, Christoph; Zimmermann, Stefan; von Moos, Roger; Winterhalder, Ralph; Ruhstaller, Thomas; Mueller, Andreas; Buser, Katharina; Borner, Markus; Novak, Urban; Nussbaum, Catrina Uhlmann; Seifert, Bettina; Bigler, Martin; Bize, Vincent; Vilei, Simona Berardi; Rageth, Christoph; Aebi, Stefan; Swiss Group for Clinical Cancer Research (SAKK) (2017). Adjuvant treatment recommendations for patients with ER-positive/HER2-negative early breast cancer by Swiss tumor boards using the 21-gene recurrence score (SAKK 26/10). BMC Cancer, 17(1):265.

von Moos, Roger; Costa, Luis; Ripamonti, Carla Ida; Niepel, Daniela; Santini, Daniele (2017). Improving quality of life in patients with advanced cancer: Targeting metastatic bone pain. European Journal of Cancer, 71:80-94.

Matter-Walstra, Klazien; Schwenkglenks, Matthias; Betticher, Daniel; von Moos, Roger; Dietrich, Daniel; Baertschi, Daniela; Koeberle, Dieter (2016). Bevacizumab continuation versus treatment holidays after first-line chemotherapy with bevacizumab in patients with metastatic colorectal cancer: a health economic analysis of a randomized phase 3 trial (SAKK 41/06). Clinical Colorectal Cancer, 15(4):314-320.

Matter-Walstra, Klazien; Schwenkglenks, Matthias; Aebi, Stefan; Dedes, Konstantin; Diebold, Joachim; Pietrini, Mario; Klingbiel, Dirk; von Moos, Roger; Gautschi, Oliver; Swiss Group for Clinical Cancer Research (SAKK) (2016). A cost-effectiveness analysis of nivolumab versus docetaxel for advanced nonsquamous NSCLC including PD-L1 testing. Journal of Thoracic Oncology, 11(11):1846-1855.

Body, Jean-Jacques; Pereira, João; Sleeboom, Harm; Maniadakis, Nikos; Terpos, Evangelos; Acklin, Yves Pascal; Finek, Jindrich; Gunther, Oliver; Hechmati, Guy; Mossman, Tony; Costa, Luis; Rogowski, Wojciech; Nahi, Hareth; von Moos, Roger (2016). Health resource utilization associated with skeletal-related events: results from a retrospective European study. European Journal of Health Economics, 17(6):711-721.

von Moos, Roger; Body, Jean-Jacques; Egerdie, Blair; Stopeck, Alison; Brown, Janet; Fallowfield, Lesley; Patrick, Donald L; Cleeland, Charles; Damyanov, Danail; Palazzo, Felipe Salvador; Marx, Gavin; Zhou, Ying; Braun, Ada; Balakumaran, Arun; Qian, Yi (2016). Pain and analgesic use associated with skeletal-related events in patients with advanced cancer and bone metastases. Supportive Care in Cancer, 24(3):1327-1337.

Dummer, Reinhard; Siano, Marco; Hunger, Robert E; Lindenblatt, Nicole; Braun, Ralph; Michielin, Oliver; Mihic-Probst, Daniela; von Moos, Roger; Najafi, Yousef; Guckenberger, Merlin; Arnold, Andreas (2016). The updated Swiss guidelines 2016 for the treatment and follow-up of cutaneous melanoma. Swiss Medical Weekly, 146:w14279.

Driessen, Christoph; Kraus, Marianne; Joerger, Markus; Rosing, Hilde; Bader, Jürgen; Hitz, Felicitas; Berset, Catherine; Xyrafas, Alexandros; Hawle, Hanne; Berthod, Gregoire; Overkleeft, Hermann S; Sessa, Cristiana; Huitema, Alwin; Pabst, Thomas; von Moos, Roger; Hess, Dagmar; Mey, Ulrich J M (2016). Treatment with the HIV protease inhibitor Nelfinavir triggers the unfolded protein response and may overcome proteasome inhibitor resistance of multiple myeloma in combination with bortezomib: a phase I trial (SAKK 65/08). Haematologica, 101(3):346-355.

Volk, Viktoria; Cathomas, Richard; Mark, Michael; von Moos, Roger; Klingbiel, Dirk; Brossart, Peter; Mey, Ulrich (2016). Weekly carboplatin in combination with weekly paclitaxel in the treatment of metastatic non-small cell lung cancer: a single center 10-year experience. Supportive Care in Cancer, 24(5):2119-2128.

Diel, Ingo J; Body, Jean-Jacques; Stopeck, Alison T; Vadhan-Raj, Saroj; Spencer, Andrew; Steger, Günther; von Moos, Roger; Goldwasser, François; Feng, Amy; Braun, Ada (2015). The role of denosumab in the prevention of hypercalcaemia of malignancy in cancer patients with metastatic bone disease. European Journal of Cancer, 51(11):1467-1475.

Patrick, Donald L; Cleeland, Charles S; von Moos, Roger; Fallowfield, Lesley; Wei, Rachel; Öhrling, Katarina; Qian, Yi (2015). Pain outcomes in patients with bone metastases from advanced cancer: assessment and management with bone-targeting agents. Supportive Care in Cancer, 23(4):1157-1168.

Cathomas, Richard; Rothermundt, Christian; Bode, Beata; Fuchs, Bruno; von Moos, Roger; Schwitter, Michael (2015). RANK Ligand Blockade with Denosumab in Combination with Sorafenib in Chemorefractory Osteosarcoma: A Possible Step Forward? Oncology, 88(4):257-260.

Hayoz, Stefanie; Klingbiel, Dirk; Brauchli, Peter; von Moos, Roger (2013). What can we learn from the ZOOM trial? Lancet Oncology, 14(10):e388.

Voskens, Caroline J; Goldinger, Simone M; Loquai, Carmen; Robert, Caroline; Kaehler, Katharina C; Berking, Carola; Bergmann, Tanja; Bockmeyer, Clemens L; Eigentler, Thomas; Fluck, Michael; Garbe, Claus; Gutzmer, Ralf; Grabbe, Stephan; Hauschild, Axel; Hein, Rüdiger; Hundorfean, Gheorghe; Justich, Armin; Keller, Ullrich; Klein, Christina; Mateus, Christine; Mohr, Peter; Paetzold, Sylvie; Satzger, Imke; Schadendorf, Dirk; Schlaeppi, Marc; Schuler, Gerold; Schuler-Thurner, Beatrice; Trefzer, Uwe; Ulrich, Jens; Vaubel, Julia; von Moos, Roger; Weder, Patrik; Wilhelm, Tabea; Göppner, Daniela; Dummer, Reinhard; Heinzerling, Lucie M (2013). The price of tumor control: an analysis of rare side effects of anti-CTLA-4 therapy in metastatic melanoma from the ipilimumab network. PLoS ONE, 8(1):e53745.

Schoenewolf, Nicola L; Dummer, Reinhard; Mihic-Probst, Daniela; Moch, Holger; Simcock, Mathew; Ochsenbein, Adrian; Gillessen, Silke; Schraml, Peter; von Moos, Roger (2012). Detecting BRAF mutations in formalin-fixed melanoma: experiences with two state-of-the-art techniques. Case Reports in Oncology, 5(2):280-289.

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