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Guguchia, Z; Adachi, T; Shermadini, Z; Ohgi, T; Chang, J; Bozin, E S; von Rohr, F; dos Santos, A M; Molaison, J J; Boehler, R; Koike, Y; Wieteska, A R; Frandsen, B A; Morenzoni, E; Amato, A; Billinge, S J L; Uemura, Y J; Khasanov, R (2017). Pressure tuning of structure, superconductivity, and novel magnetic order in the Ce-underdoped electron-doped cuprate T′−Pr1.3−xLa0.7CexCuO4 ( x=0.1 ). Physical review. B, 96:094515.

Guguchia, Z; Khasanov, R; Bukowski, Z; von Rohr, F; Medarde, M; Biswas, P K; Luetkens, H; Amato, A; Morenzoni, E (2016). Probing the pairing symmetry in the over-doped Fe-based superconductor ${\mathrm{Ba}}_{0.35}{\mathrm{Rb}}_{0.65}{\mathrm{Fe}}_{2}{\mathrm{As}}_{2}$ as a function of hydrostatic pressure. Physical Review B, 93(9):094513.

Biswas, P K; Salman, Z; Neupert, T; Morenzoni, E; Pomjakushina, E; von Rohr, F; Conder, K; Balakrishnan, G; Hatnean, M Ciomaga; Lees, M R; Paul, D McK; Schilling, A; Baines, C; Luetkens, H; Khasanov, R; Amato, A (2014). Low-temperature magnetic fluctuations in the Kondo insulator SmB6. Physical Review B, 89(161107):online.

von Rohr, F. Superconductivity in the Vicinity of Structural and Electronic Phase Boundaries. 2014, University of Zurich, Faculty of Science.

Hirai, Daigorou; von Rohr, F; Cava, R J (2012). Emergence of superconductivity in BaNi_{2}(Ge_{1−x}P_{x})_{2} at a structural instability. Physical Review B (Condensed Matter and Materials Physics), 86:100505.

Weyeneth, S; Bendele, M; von Rohr, F; Dluzewski, P; Puzniak, R; Krzton-Maziopa, A; Bosma, S; Guguchia, Z; Khasanov, R; Shermadini, Z; Amato, A; Pomjakushina, E; Conder, K; Schilling, A; Keller, H (2012). Superconductivity and magnetism in Rb_{x}Fe_{2−y}Se_{2}: Impact of thermal treatment on mesoscopic phase separation. Physical Review B (Condensed Matter and Materials Physics), 86(13):134530.

Krzton-Maziopa, A; Pomjakushina, E V; Pomjakushin, V Yu; von Rohr, F; Schilling, A; Conder, K (2012). Synthesis of a new alkali metal–organic solvent intercalated iron selenide superconductor withTc≈ 45 K. Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter, 24:382202.

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