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Skinner, Timothy C; Lange, Karin S; Hoey, Hilary; Mortensen, Henrik B; Aanstoot, Henk-Jan; Castaňo, Luis; Skovlund, Soren; Swift, Peter Gf; Cameron, Fergus J; Dorchy, Harry R; Palmert, Mark R; Kaprio, Eero; Robert, Jean-Jacques; Danne, Thomas; Neu, Andreas; Shalitin, Shlomit; Chiarelli, Francesco; Chiari, Giovanni; Urakami, Tatsuhiko; Njølstad, Pål R; Jarosz-Chobot, Premyslawa K; Roche, Edna F; Castro-Correia, Cintia G; Kocova, Mirjana; Åman, Jan; Schönle, Eugen; Barrett, Timothy G; Fisher, Lynda; de Beaufort, Carine E; Hvidoere Study Group (2018). Targets and teamwork: Understanding differences in pediatric diabetes centers treatment outcomes. Pediatric Diabetes, 19(3):559-565.


Cameron, F J; de Beaufort, C; Aanstoot, H J; Hoey, H; Lange, K; Castano, L; Mortensen, H B (2013). Lessons from the Hvidoere International Study Group on childhood diabetes: be dogmatic about outcome and flexible in approach. Pediatric Diabetes, 14(7):473-480.

de Beaufort, Carine E; Lange, Karin; Swift, Peter Gf; Aman, Jan; Cameron, Fergus; Castano, Luis; Dorchy, Harry; Fisher, Lynda K; Hoey, Hilary; Kaprio, Eero; Kocova, Mirjana; Neu, Andreas; Njolstad, Pal R; Phillip, Moshe; Schoenle, Eugen; Robert, Jean J; Urukami, Tatsuhiko; Vanelli, Maurizio; Danne, Thomas; Barrett, Tim; Chiarelli, Franco; Aanstoot, Henk J; Mortensen, Henrik B (2013). Metabolic outcomes in young children with type 1 diabetes differ between treatment centers: the Hvidoere Study in Young Children 2009. Pediatric Diabetes, 14(6):422-428.


Aman, J; Skinner, T C; de Beaufort, C E; Swift, P G F; Aanstoot, H J; Cameron, F (2009). Associations between physical activity, sedentary behavior, and glycemic control in a large cohort of adolescents with type 1 diabetes: the Hvidoere Study Group on Childhood Diabetes. Pediatric Diabetes, 10(4):234-239.


Pfleger, C; Mortensen, H B; Hansen, L; Herder, C; Roep, B O; Hoey, H; Aanstoot, H J; Kocova, M; Schloot, N C (2008). Association of IL-1ra and adiponectin with C-peptide and remission in patients with type 1 diabetes. Diabetes, 57(4):929-937.

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