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Quitterer, Ursula; AbdAlla, Said (2019). Improvements of Symptoms of Alzheimer`s Disease by Inhibition of the Angiotensin System. Pharmacological Research:Epub ahead of print.

Quitterer, Ursula; Fu, Xuebin; Pohl, Armin; Bayoumy, Karam M; Langer, Andreas; AbdAlla, Said (2019). Beta-Arrestin1 Prevents Preeclampsia by Downregulation of Mechanosensitive AT1-B2 Receptor Heteromers. Cell, 176(1-2):318-333.e19.

Quitterer, Ursula; AbdAlla, Said (2019). Discovery of Pathologic GPCR Aggregation. Frontiers in Medicine, 6:9.


AbdAlla, Said; El Hakim, Ahmed; Abdelbaset, Ahmed; Elfaramawy, Yasser; Quitterer, Ursula (2015). Inhibition of ACE retards tau hyperphosphorylation and signs of neuronal degeneration in aged rats subjected to chronic mild stress. BioMed Research International, 2015(917156):online.


Quitterer, Ursula; AbdAlla, Said (2014). Vasopressor meets vasodepressor: The AT1-B2 receptor heterodimer. Biochemical Pharmacology, 88(3):284-290.


AbdAlla, Said; Langer, Andreas; Fu, Xuebin; Quitterer, Ursula (2013). ACE inhibition with Captopril Retards the development of signs of neurodegeneration in an animal model of Alzheimer's disease. International Journal of Molecular Sciences, 14(8):16917-16942.


AbdAlla, S; Lother, H; El Missiry, A; Langer, A; Sergeev, P; El Faramawy, Y; Quitterer, U (2009). Angiotensin II AT2 receptor oligomers mediate G-protein dysfunction in an animal model of Alzheimers disease. Journal of Biological Chemistry, 284(10):6554-6565.

AbdAlla, S; Lother, H; El Missiry, A; Sergeev, P; Langer, A; El Faramawy, Y; Quitterer, U (2009). Dominant-negative AT2 receptor oligomers induce G-protein arrest and symptoms of neurodegeneration. Journal of Biological Chemistry, 284(10):6566-6574.

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