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Balasekaran, Samundeeswari Mariappan; Molski, Matthias; Spandl, Johann; Hagenbach, Adelheid; Alberto, Roger; Abram, Ulrich (2013). Hexafluoridotechnetate(IV) Revisited. Inorganic Chemistry, 52(12):7094-7099.


Oehlke, E; Alberto, R; Abram, U (2010). Synthesis, characterization, and structures of R3EOTcO3 complexes (E = C, Si, Ge, Sn, Pb) and related compounds. Inorganic Chemistry, 49(7):3525-3530.


Mindt, T L; Schweinsberg, C; Brans, L; Hagenbach, A; Abram, U; Tourwé, D; Garcia-Garayoa, E; Schibli, R (2009). A click approach to structurally diverse conjugates containing a central di-1,2,3-triazole metal chelate. ChemMedChem, 4(4):529-539.


Tooyama, Y; Braband, H; Spingler, B; Abram, U; Alberto, R (2008). High-valent technetium complexes with the [(99)TcO(3)](+) core from in situ prepared mixed anhydrides of [(99)TcO(4)](-) and their reactivities. Inorganic Chemistry, 47(1):257-264.


Santos, I G; Abram, U; Alberto, R; Lopez, E V; Sanchez, A (2004). Tricarbonylrhenium(I) complexes with thiosemicarbazone derivatives of 2-acetylpyridine and 2-pyridine formamide showing two unusual coordination modes of tridentate thiosemicarbazone ligands. Inorganic Chemistry, 43(6):1834-1836.


Pietzsch, H J; Gupta, A; Reisgys, M; Drews, A; Seifert, S; Syhre, R; Spies, H; Alberto, R; Abram, U; Schubiger, P A; Johannsen, B (2000). Chemical and biological characterization of technetium(I) and Rhenium(I) tricarbonyl complexes with dithioether ligands serving as linkers for coupling the Tc(CO)(3) and Re(CO)(3) moieties to biologically active molecules. Bioconjugate Chemistry, 11(3):414-424.

Schibli, R; La Bella, R; Alberto, R; Garcia-Garayoa, E; Ortner, K; Abram, U; Schubiger, P A (2000). Influence of the denticity of ligand systems on the in vitro and in vivo behavior of (99m)Tc(I)-tricarbonyl complexes: a hint for the future functionalization of biomolecules. Bioconjugate Chemistry, 11(3):345-351.


Egli, A; Alberto, R; Tannahill, L; Schibli, R; Abram, U; Schaffland, A; Waibel, R; Tourwé, D; Jeannin, L; Iterbeke, K; Schubiger, P A (1999). Organometallic 99mTc-aquaion labels peptide to an unprecedented high specific activity. Journal of Nuclear Medicine, 40(11):1913-1917.

Waibel, R; Alberto, R; Willuda, J; Finnern, R; Schibli, R; Stichelberger, A; Egli, A; Abram, U; Mach, J P; Plückthun, A; Schubiger, P A (1999). Stable one-step technetium-99m labeling of His-tagged recombinant proteins with a novel Tc(I)-carbonyl complex. Nature Biotechnology, 17(9):897-901.


Kramer, A; Alberto, R; Egli, A; Novak-Hofer, I; Hegetschweiler, K; Abram, U; Bernhardt, P V; Schubiger, P A (1998). Derivatives of 1,3,5-triamino-1,3,5-trideoxy-cis-inositol as versatile pentadentate ligands for protein labeling with Re-186/188. prelabeling, biodistribution, and X-ray structural studies. Bioconjugate Chemistry, 9(6):691-702.

Schibli, R; Alberto, R; Abram, U; Abram, S; Egli, A; Schubiger, P A; Kaden, T A (1998). Structural and (99)Tc NMR Investigations of Complexes with fac-[Tc(CO)(3)](+) Moieties and Macrocyclic Thioethers of Various Ring Sizes: Synthesis and X-ray Structure of the Complexes fac-[Tc(9-ane-S(3))(CO)(3)]Br, fac-[Tc(2)(tosylate)(2)(18-ane-S(6))(CO)(6)], and fac-[Tc(2)(20-ane-S(6)-OH)(CO)(6)][tosylate](2). Inorganic Chemistry, 37(14):3509-3516.


Alberto, R; Schibli, R; Abram, U; Egli, A; Knapp, F F (Russ); Schubiger, P A (1997). Potential of the "[M(CO)3]+" (M = Re, Tc) moiety for the labeling of biomolecules. Radiochimica Acta: international journal for chemical aspects of nuclear science and technology, 79(2):99-103.


Alberto, R; Nef, W; Smith, A; Kaden, T A; Neuburger, M; Zehnder, M; Frey, A; Abram, U; Schubiger, P A (1996). Silver(I) Complexes of the Derivatized Crown Thioether Ligands 3,6,9,12,15,18-Hexathianonadecanol and 3,6,9,13,16,19-Hexathiaicosanol. Determination of Stability Constants and the Crystal Structures of [Ag(19-aneS6-OH)][CF(3)SO(3)] and [Ag(20-aneS6-OH)][BF(4)]. Inorganic Chemistry, 35(11):3420-2427.

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