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Balaban, Nathalie Q; Helaine, Sophie; Lewis, Kim; Ackermann, Martin; Aldridge, Bree; Andersson, Dan I; Brynildsen, Mark P; Bumann, Dirk; Camilli, Andrew; Collins, James J; Dehio, Christoph; Fortune, Sarah; Ghigo, Jean-Marc; Hardt, Wolf-Dietrich; Harms, Alexander; Heinemann, Matthias; Hung, Deborah T; Jenal, Urs; Levin, Bruce R; Michiels, Jan; Storz, Gisela; Tan, Man-Wah; Tenson, Tanel; Van Melderen, Laurence; Zinkernagel, Annelies (2019). Definitions and guidelines for research on antibiotic persistence. Nature Reviews. Microbiology, 17(7):441-448.

Ramsauer, Anna Sophie; Kubacki, Jakub; Favrot, Claude; Ackermann, Mathias; Fraefel, Cornel; Tobler, Kurt (2019). RNA-seq analysis in equine papillomavirus type 2-positive carcinomas identifies affected pathways and potential cancer markers as well as viral gene expression and splicing events. Journal of General Virology, 100(6):985-998.

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Franzoso, Francesca D; Seyffert, Michael; Vogel, Rebecca; Yakimovich, Artur; de Andrade Pereira, Bruna; Meier, Anita F; Sutter, Sereina O; Tobler, Kurt; Vogt, Bernd; Greber, Urs F; Büning, Hildegard; Ackermann, Mathias; Fraefel, Cornel (2017). Cell cycle-dependent expression of AAV2 Rep in HSV-1 co-infections gives rise to a mosaic of cells replicating either AAV2 or HSV-1. Journal of Virology:JVI.00357-17.

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Work, Thierry M; Dagenais, Julie; Weatherby, Tina M; Balazs, George H; Ackermann, Mathias (2017). In-vitro replication of Chelonid herpesvirus 5 in organotypic skin cultures from Hawaiian green turtles (Chelonia mydas). Journal of Virology, 91(17):e00404-17.

Seyffert, Michael; Glauser, Daniel L; Schraner, Elisabeth M; de Oliveira, Anna-Paula; Mansilla-Soto, Jorge; Vogt, Bernd; Büning, Hildegard; Linden, R. Michael; Ackermann, Mathias; Fraefel, Cornel (2017). Novel mutant AAV2 rep proteins support AAV2 replication without blocking HSV-1 helpervirus replication. PLoS ONE, 12(1):e0170908.

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Geisseler, Marco; Lange, Christian E; Favrot, Claude; Fischer, Nina; Ackermann, Mathias; Tobler, Kurt (2016). Geno- and seroprevalence of Felis domesticus Papillomavirus type 2 (FdPV2) in dermatologically healthy cats. BMC Veterinary Research, 12(1):147.

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Dreyer, Anne-Kathrin; Hoffmann, Dirk; Lachmann, Nico; Ackermann, Mania; Steinemann, Doris; Timm, Barbara; Siler, Ulrich; Reichenbach, Janine; Grez, Manuel; Moritz, Thomas; Schambach, Axel; Cathomen, Toni (2015). TALEN-mediated functional correction of X-linked chronic granulomatous disease in patient-derived induced pluripotent stem cells. Biomaterials, 69:191-200.

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Seyffert, Michael; Glauser, Daniel L; Tobler, Kurt; Georgiev, Oleg; Vogel, Rebecca; Vogt, Bernd; Agundez, Leticia; Linden, Michael; Büning, Hildegard; Ackermann, Mathias; Fraefel, Cornel (2015). Adeno-associated virus type 2 Rep68 can bind to consensus rep-binding sites on the herpes simplex virus 1 genome. Journal of Virology, 89(21):11150-11158.

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Stahel, Anina B J; Baggenstos, Rhea; Engels, Monika; Friess, Martina; Ackermann, Mathias (2013). Two different macaviruses, ovine herpesvirus-2 and caprine herpesvirus-2, behave differently in water buffaloes than in cattle or in their respective reservoir species. PLoS ONE, 8(12):e83695.

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Virus-Handbuch für Veterinärmediziner. Edited by: Ackermann, Mathias; Engels, Monika; Fraefel, Cornel; Laimbacher, Andrea S; Metzler, Alfred; Schwyzer, Martin; Tobler, Kurt (2013). Stuttgart: Uni-Taschenbücher (UTB) - mittlere Reihe.


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Ackermann, Mathias; Koriabine, Maxim; Hartmann-Fritsch, Fabienne; de Jong, Pieter J; Lewis, Teresa D; Schetle, Nelli; Work, Thierry M; Dagenais, Julie; Balazs, George H; Leong, Ann C (2012). The genome of chelonid herpesvirus 5 harbors atypical genes. PLoS ONE, 7(10):e46623.


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