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Grob, Karl; Manestar, Mirjana; Filgueira, Luis; Kuster, Markus S; Gilbey, Helen; Ackland, Timothy (2018). The interaction between the vastus medialis and vastus intermedius and its influence on the extensor apparatus of the knee joint. Knee Surgery, Sports Traumatology, Arthroscopy, 26(3):727-738.


Grob, Karl; Manestar, Mirjana; Gascho, Dominic; Ackland, Timothy; Gilbey, Helen; Fretz, Christian; Kuster, Markus S (2017). Magnetic resonance imaging of the tensor vastus intermedius: A topographic study based on anatomical dissections. Clinical Anatomy, 30(8):1096-1102.


Grob, Karl; Manestar, Mirjana; Filgueira, Luis; Ackland, Timothy; Gilbey, Helen; Kuster, Markus S (2016). New insight in the architecture of the quadriceps tendon. Journal of Experimental Orthopaedics:3:32.

Grob, K; Ackland, T; Kuster, M S; Manestar, M; Filgueira, L (2016). The tensor of the vastus intermedius the fifth muscle of the extensor apparatus of the knee joint. Clinical Anatomy, 29(2):256-263.


Grob, K; Manestar, M; Lang, A; Ackland, T; Gilbey, H; Kuster, M S (2015). Effects of ligation of lateral intermuscular septum perforating vessels on blood supply to the femur. Injury, 46(12):2461-2467.

Grob, Karl; Monahan, Rebecca; Gilbey, Helen; Ackland, Timothy; Kuster, Markus S (2015). Limitations of the vastus lateralis muscle as a substitute for lost abductor muscle function: an anatomical study. Journal of Arthroplasty, 30(12):2338-2342.

Grob, K; Manestar, M; Ackland, T; Filgueira, L; Kuster, M S (2015). Potential Risk to the Superior Gluteal Nerve During the Anterior Approach to the Hip Joint: An Anatomical Study. Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery. American Volume, 97(17):1426-1431.

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