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Hakala, Kirsti; Addor, Nans; Seibert, Jan (2018). Hydrological modeling to evaluate climate model simulations and their bias correction. Journal of Hydrometeorology:1321-1337.


Etter, Simon; Addor, Nans; Huss, Matthias; Finger, David (2017). Climate change impacts on future snow, ice and rain runoff in a Swiss mountain catchment using multi-dataset calibration. Journal of Hydrology, 13:222-239.


Addor, Nans; Rohrer, Marco; Furrer, Reinhard; Seibert, Jan (2016). Propagation of biases in climate models from the synoptic to the regional scale: Implications for bias-adjustment. Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres, 121(5):2075-2089.


Addor, Nans; Ewen, Tracy; Johnson, Leigh; Cöltekin, Arzu; Derungs, Curdin; Muccione, Veruska (2015). From products to processes: Academic events to foster interdisciplinary and iterative dialogue in a changing climate. Earth's Future, 3(8):289-297.

Addor, Nans; Addor, Nans Antoine Philippe. Impacts of climate change on discharge in Switzerland : cascading uncertainties and robustness in models. 2015, University of Zurich, Faculty of Science.

Addor, Nans; Fischer, Erich M (2015). The influence of natural variability and interpolation errors on bias characterization in RCM simulations. Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres, 120(19):10.180-10.195.


Addor, Nans; Seibert, Jan (2014). Bias correction for hydrological impact studies - beyond the daily perspective. Hydrological Processes, 28(17):4823-4828.

Addor, Nans; Rössler, Ole; Köplin, Nina; Huss, Matthias; Weingartner, Rolf; Seibert, Jan (2014). Robust changes and sources of uncertainty in the projected hydrological regimes of Swiss catchments. Water Resources Research, 50(10):7541-7562.


Addor, N; Jaun, S; Fundel, F; Zappa, M (2011). An operational hydrological ensemble prediction system for the city of Zurich (Switzerland): skill, case studies and scenarios. Hydrology and Earth System Sciences, 15(7):2327-2347.


Zappa, M; Jaun, S; Badoux, A; Schwanbeck, J; Addor, Nans; Liechti, K; Roeser, I; Walser, A; Viviroli, Daniel; Vogt, S; Gerber, M; Trösch, J; Weingartner, Rolf; Oplatka, M; Bezzola, G R; Rhyner, J (2010). IFKIS-Hydro Sihl: Ein operationelles Hochwasservorhersagesystem für die Stadt Zürich und das Sihltal «Teil 1». Wasser Energie Luft, 102(3):238-248.


Lombardot, Thierry; Kottmann, Renzo; Giuliani, Gregory; de Bono, Andrea; Addor, Nans; Glöckner, Frank O (2007). MetaLook: a 3D visualisation software for marine ecological genomics. BMC Bioinformatics, 8:406.

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