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Cantù, Claudio; Felker, Anastasia; Zimmerli, Dario; Prummel, Karin D; Cabello, Elena M; Chiavacci, Elena; Méndez-Acevedo, Kevin M; Kirchgeorg, Lucia; Burger, Sibylle; Ripoll, Jorge; Valenta, Tomas; Hausmann, George; Vilain, Nathalie; Aguet, Michel; Burger, Alexa; Panáková, Daniela; Basler, Konrad; Mosimann, Christian (2018). Mutations in and genes cause congenital heart defects by tissue-specific perturbation of Wnt/β-catenin signaling. Genes and Development, 32(21-22):1443-1458.


Valenta, Tomas; Degirmenci, Bahar; Moor, Andreas E; Herr, Patrick; Zimmerli, Dario; Moor, Matthias B; Hausmann, George; Cantù, Claudio; Aguet, Michel; Basler, Konrad (2016). Wnt ligands secreted by subepithelial mesenchymal cells are essential for the survival of intestinal stem cells and gut homeostasis. Cell Reports, 15:1-8.


Moor, Andreas E; Anderle, Pascale; Cantù, Claudio; Rodriguez, Patrick; Wiedemann, Norbert; Baruthio, Frédérique; Deka, Jürgen; André, Sylvie; Valenta, Tomas; Moor, Matthias B; Győrffy, Balázs; Barras, David; Delorenzi, Mauro; Basler, Konrad; Aguet, Michel (2015). BCL9/9L-β-catenin signaling is associated with poor outcome in colorectal cancer. EBioMedicine, 2(12):1932-1943.


Cantù, Claudio; Zimmerli, Dario; Hausmann, George; Valenta, Tomas; Moor, Andreas; Aguet, Michel; Basler, Konrad (2014). Pax6-dependent, but β-catenin-independent, function of Bcl9 proteins in mouse lens development. Genes and Development, 28(17):1879-1884.


Cantù, Claudio; Valenta, Tomas; Hausmann, George; Vilain, Nathalie; Aguet, Michel; Basler, Konrad (2013). The Pygo2-H3K4me2/3 interaction is dispensable for mouse development and Wnt signaling-dependent transcription. Development, 140(11):2377-2386.


Valenta, T; Gay, M; Steiner, S; Draganova, K; Zemke, M; Hoffmans, R; Cinelli, P; Aguet, M; Sommer, L; Basler, K (2011). Probing transcription-specific outputs of β-catenin in vivo. Genes and Development, 25(24):2631-2643.


Deka, J; Wiedemann, N; Anderle, P; Murphy-Seiler, F; Bultinck, J; Eyckerman, S; Stehle, J C; André, S; Vilain, N; Zilian, O; Robine, S; Delorenzi, M; Basler, K; Aguet, M (2010). Bcl9/Bcl9l are critical for Wnt-mediated regulation of stem cell traits in colon epithelium and adenocarcinomas. Cancer Research, 70(16):6619-6628.


van den Broek, M F; Müller, U; Huang, S; Zinkernagel, R M; Aguet, M (1995). Immune defence in mice lacking type I and/or type II interferon receptors. Immunological Reviews, 148:4792-4796.

van den Broek, M F; Müller, U; Huang, S; Aguet, M; Zinkernagel, R M (1995). Antiviral defense in mice lacking both alpha/beta and gamma interferon receptors. Journal of Virology, 69(8):4792-4796.


Weissmann, C; Büeler, H; Sailer, A; Fischer, M; Aguet, M; Aguzzi, A (1993). Role of PrP in prion diseases. British Medical Bulletin, 49(4):995-1011.

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