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Howson, Joanna M M; Cooper, Jason D; Smyth, Deborah J; Walker, Neil M; Stevens, Helen; She, Jin-Xiong; Eisenbarth, George S; Rewers, Marian; Todd, John A; Akolkar, Beena; Concannon, Patrick; Erlich, Henry A; Julier, Cécile; Morahan, Grant; Nerup, Jørn; Nierras, Concepcion; Pociot, Flemming; Rich, Stephen S (2012). Evidence of gene-gene interaction and age-at-diagnosis effects in type 1 diabetes. Diabetes, 61(11):3012-3017.


Hall, M A; King, N M P; Perdue, L H; Hilner, J E; Akolkar, B; Greenbaum, C J; McKeon, C (2010). Biobanking, consent, and commercialization in international genetics research: the Type 1 Diabetes Genetics Consortium. Clinical Trials, 7(1 Supp):S33-S45.

Hilner, J E; Perdue, L H; Sides, E G; Pierce, J J; Wägner, A M; Aldrich, A; Loth, A; Albret, L; Wagenknecht, L E; Nierras, C; Akolkar, B (2010). Designing and implementing sample and data collection for an international genetics study: the Type 1 Diabetes Genetics Consortium (T1DGC). Clinical Trials, 7(1 Sup):S5-S32.


Barrett, J C; Clayton, D G; Concannon, P; Akolkar, B; Cooper, J D; Erlich, H A; Julier, C; Morahan, G; Nerup, J; Nierras, C; Plagnol, V; Pociot, F; Schuilenburg, H; Smyth, D J; Stevens, H; Todd, J A; Walker, N M; Rich, S S (2009). Genome-wide association study and meta-analysis find that over 40 loci affect risk of type 1 diabetes. Nature Genetics, 41(6):703-707.

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