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Ammann, Manuel; Horsch, Philipp; Oesch, David (2016). Competing with Superstars. Management Science, 62(10):2842-2858.


Damian, Dana; Miyashita, Shuhei; Aoyama, Atushi; Cadosch, Dominique; Huang, P-T; Ammann, Manuel; Pfeifer, Rolf (2014). Automated physiological recovery of avocado plants for plant-based adaptive machines. Adaptive Behavior, 22(2):109-122.


Machado, Guilherme Sperb; Bocek, Thomas; Ammann, Michael; Stiller, Burkhard (2013). A cloud storage overlay to aggregate heterogeneous cloud services. In: 38th IEEE Conference on Local Computer Networks (LCN), Sydney, Australia, 21 October 2013 - 24 October 2013, 1-12.

Oesch, David; Ammann, Manuel; Schmid, Markus M (2013). Product market competition, corporate governance, and firm value: Evidence from the EU -area. European Financial Management, 19(3):452-469.

Oesch, David; Ammann, Manuel; Schmid, Markus (2013). The construction and valuation effect of corporate governance indices. In: Bell, Adrian R; Brooks, Chris; Prokopczuk, Marcel. Handbook of research methods and applications in empirical finance. Cheltham: Edward Elgar, 314-340.


Oesch, David; Ammann, Manuel; Odoni, Sandro (2012). An alternative three-factor model for international markets: Evidence from the European Monetary Union. Journal of Banking and Finance, 36(7):1857-1864.


Oesch, David; Ammann, Manuel; Schmid, Markus (2011). Are better governed companies rewarded by capital markets? Business and Economy, India: Banking, Finance, Markets:16-18.

Oesch, David; Ammann, Manuel; Schmid, Markus M (2011). Corporate governance and firm value: International evidence. Journal of Empirical Finance, 18(1):36-55.


Enzmann, F; Miedaner, M M; Kersten, M; von Blohn, N; Mitra, S K; Borrmann, S; Stampanoni, M; Ammann, M; Huthwelker, T (2010). Pore structure 3-D imaging by synchrotron micro-tomography of graupel grains. Atmospheric Measurement Techniques, 3(6):4761-4789.


Oesch, David; Ammann, Manuel; Seiz, Ralf. Zu welchem Preis hilft der Bund der UBS? In: Neue Z├╝rcher Zeitung, 273, 21 November 2008, p.31.


Barker, Terry; Bashmakov, Igor; Alharthi, Awwad; Ammann, Markus; Cifuentes, Luis; Drexhage, John; Maosheng, Duan; Edenhofer, Ottmar; Flannery, Brian; Grubb, Michael; Hoogwijk, Monique; Ibitoye, Francis; Jepma, Catrinus; Pizer, William; Yamaji, Kenji; Awerbuch, Shimon; Bernstein, Lenny; Faaij, Andre; Hayami, Hitoshi; Heggedal, Tom; Kverndokk, Snorre; Latham, John; Michaelowa, Axel; Popp, David; Read, Peter; Schleicher, Stefan; Smith, Mike; Toth, Ferenc (2007). Mitigation from a cross-sectoral perspectiv. In: Metz, Bert; Davidson, Ogunlade; Bosch, Peter; Dave, Rutu; Meyer, Leo. Climate change 2007: mitigation of climate change. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 619-690.

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