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Frei, Jeannine A; Andermatt, Irwin; Gesemann, Matthias; Stoeckli, Esther T (2014). The SynCAM synaptic cell adhesion molecules are involved in sensory axon pathfinding by regulating axon-axon contacts. Journal of Cell Science, 127(24):5288-5302.

Andermatt, Irwin; Wilson, Nicole; Stoeckli, Esther T (2014). In ovo electroporation of miRNA-based-plasmids to investigate gene function in the developing neural tube. Methods in Molecular Biology, 1101:353-368.

Andermatt, Irwin; Stoeckli, Esther T (2014). RNAi-based gene silencing in chicken brain development. Methods in Molecular Biology, 1082:253-266.

Andermatt, Irwin; Wilson, Nicole H; Bergmann, Timothy; Mauti, Olivier; Gesemann, Matthias; Sockanathan, Shanthini; Stoeckli, Esther T (2014). Semaphorin 6B acts as a receptor in post-crossing commissural axon guidance. Development, 141(19):3709-3720.


Bacon, C; Endris, V; Andermatt, I; Niederkofler, V; Waltereit, R; Bartsch, D; Stoeckli, E T; Rappold, G (2011). Evidence for a role of srGAP3 in the positioning of commissural axons within the ventrolateral funiculus of the mouse spinal cord. PLoS ONE, 6(5):e19887.

Joset, P; Wacker, A; Babey, R; Ingold, E A; Andermatt, I; Stoeckli, E T; Gesemann, M (2011). Rostral growth of commissural axons requires the cell adhesion molecule MDGA2. Neural Development, 6:22.


Mauti, O; Domanitskaya, E; Andermatt, I; Sadhu, R; Stoeckli, E T (2007). Semaphorin6A acts as a gate keeper between the central and the peripheral nervous system. Neural Development, 2:28.

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