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Kana, Veronika; Petersen, Jens A; Ikenberg, Kristian; Chappaz, Ariane; Gerth-Kahlert, Christina; Appenzeller, Philippe; Linnebank, Michael (2016). Teaching NeuroImages: Recurrent oculomotor palsies caused by neurosarcoidosis. Neurology, 87(3):e31-e32.


Huellner, Martin W; Appenzeller, Philippe; Kuhn, Félix P; Husmann, Lars; Pietsch, Carsten M; Burger, Irene A; Porto, Miguel; Delso, Gaspar; von Schulthess, Gustav K; Veit-Haibach, Patrick (2014). Whole-Body Nonenhanced PET/MR versus PET/CT in the Staging and Restaging of Cancers: Preliminary Observations. Radiology:140090.


Kuhn, Felix P; Crook, David W; Mader, Caecilia E; Appenzeller, Philippe; von Schulthess, G K; Schmid, Daniel T (2013). Discrimination and anatomical mapping of PET-positive lesions: comparison of CT attenuation-corrected PET images with coregistered MR and CT images in the abdomen. European Journal of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging, 40(1):44-51.

Appenzeller, P; Mader, C; Huellner, M W; Schmidt, D; Schmid, D; Boss, A; von Schulthess, G; Veit-Haibach, P (2013). PET/CT versus body coil PET/MRI: how low can you go? Insights into Imaging, 4(4):481-490.


Haegeli, L M; Greutmann, M; Wolber, T; Appenzeller, P; Gaemperli, O; Brunckhorst, C; Lüscher, T F; Duru, F (2011). Complex cardiac anatomy and catheter access: the role of imaging in patients referred for catheter ablation. Europace, 13(8):1203-1205.


Frauenfelder, T; Appenzeller, P; Karlo, C; Scheffel, H; Desbiolles, L; Stolzmann, P; Marincek, B; Alkadhi, H; Schertler, T (2009). Triple rule-out CT in the emergency department: protocols and spectrum of imaging findings. European Radiology, 19(4):789-799.


Norkina, O; Graf, R; Appenzeller, P; De Lisle, R C (2006). Caerulein-induced acute pancreatitis in mice that constitutively overexpress Reg/PAP genes. BMC Gastroenterology, 6:16.

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