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Dedes, K J; Wetterskog, D; Ashworth, A; Kaye, S B; Reis-Filho, J S (2011). Emerging therapeutic targets in endometrial cancer. Nature Reviews. Clinical Oncology, 8(5):261-271.

Wilkerson, P M; Dedes, K J; Wetterskog, D; Mackay, A; Lambros, M B; Mansour, M; Frankum, J; Lord, C J; Natrajan, R; Ashworth, A; Reis-Filho, J S (2011). Functional characterization of EMSY gene amplification in human cancers. Journal of Pathology, 225(1):29-42.

Brough, R; Frankum, J R; Sims, D; Mackay, A; Mendes-Pereira, A M; Bajrami, I; Costa-Cabral, S; Rafiq, R; Ahmad, A S; Cerone, M A; Natrajan, R; Sharpe, R; Shiu, K K; Wetterskog, D; Dedes, K J; Lambros, M B; Rawjee, T; Linardopoulos, S; Reis-Filho, J S; Turner, N C; Lord, C J; Ashworth, A (2011). Functional viability profiles of breast cancer. Cancer Discovery, 1(3):260-273.

Dedes, K J; Wilkerson, P M; Wetterskog, D; Weigelt, B; Ashworth, A; Reis-Filho, J S (2011). Synthetic lethality of PARP inhibition in cancers lacking BRCA1 and BRCA2 mutations. Cell Cycle, 10(8):1192-1199.

Forster, M D; Dedes, K J; Sandhu, S; Frentzas, S; Kristeleit, R; Ashworth, A; Poole, C J; Weigelt, B; Kaye, S B; Rhoda Molife, L (2011). Treatment with olaparib in a patient with PTEN-deficient endometrioid endometrial cancer. Nature Reviews. Clinical Oncology, 8(5):302-306.


Lambros, M B; Natrajan, R; Geyer, F C; Lopez-Garcia, M A; Dedes, K J; Savage, K; Lacroix-Triki, M; Jones, R L; Lord, C J; Linardopoulos, S; Ashworth, A; Reis-Filho, J S (2010). PPM1D gene amplification and overexpression in breast cancer: a qRT-PCR and chromogenic in situ hybridization study. Modern Pathology, 23(10):1334-1345.

Dedes, K J; Wetterskog, D; Mendes-Pereira, A M; Natrajan, R; Lambros, M B; Geyer, F C; Vatcheva, R; Savage, K; Mackay, A; Lord, C J; Ashworth, A; Reis-Filho, J S (2010). PTEN deficiency in endometrioid endometrial adenocarcinomas predicts sensitivity to PARP inhibitors. Science Translational Medicine, 2(53):53ra75.

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