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Körner, Philipp; El Gedaily, Mohamed; Attin, Rengin; Wiedemeier, Daniel B; Attin, Thomas; Tauböck, Tobias T (2017). Margin integrity of conservative composite restorations after resin infiltration of demineralized enamel. Journal of Adhesive Dentistry, 19(6):483-489.


Yetkiner, Enver; Wegehaupt, Florian; Wiegand, Annette; Attin, Rengin; Attin, Thomas (2014). Colour improvement and stability of white spot lesions following infiltration, micro-abrasion, or fluoride treatments in vitro. European Journal of Orthodontics, 36(5):595-602.

Aykut-Yetkiner, Arzu; Wiegand, Annette; Ronay, Valerie; Attin, Rengin; Becker, Klaus; Attin, Thomas (2014). In vitro evaluation of the erosive potential of viscosity-modified soft acidic drinks on enamel. Clinical Oral Investigations, 18(3):769-773.

Yetkiner, Enver; Wegehaupt, Florian Just; Attin, Rengin; Wiegand, Annette; Attin, Thomas (2014). Stability of two resin combinations used as sealants against toothbrush abrasion and acid challenge in vitro. Acta Odontologica Scandinavica, 72(8):825-830.


Yetkiner, Enver; Wegehaupt, Florian Just; Attin, Rengin; Attin, Thomas (2013). Caries infiltrant combined with conventional adhesives for sealing sound enamel in vitro. Angle Orthodontist, 83(5):858-863.

Attin, Rengin; Yetkiner, Enver; Aykut-Yetkiner, Arzu; Knösel, Michael; Attin, Thomas (2013). Effect of chlorhexidine varnish application on streptoococcus mutans colonisation in adolescents with fixed orthodontic appliances. Australian orthodontic journal, 29(1):52-57.

Dinçer, Banu; Yetkiner, Enver; Aras, Isil; Attin, Thomas; Attin, Rengin (2013). Influence of lateral cephalometric radiographs on extraction decision in skeletal class I patients. Head & Face Medicine, 9:36.

Naidu, Ewelina; Stawarczyk, Bogna; Tawakoli, Pune Nina; Attin, Rengin; Attin, Thomas; Wiegand, Annette (2013). Shear bond strength of orthodontic resins after caries infiltrant preconditioning. Angle Orthodontist, 83(2):306-312.


Frey, Corinne; Yetkiner, Enver; Stawarczyk, Bogna; Attin, Thomas; Attin, Rengin (2012). Effects of different chlorhexidine pretreatments on adhesion of metal brackets in vitro. Head & Face Medicine, 8:36.

Attin, R; Stawarczyk, B; Keçik, D; Knösel, M; Wiechmann, D; Attin, T (2012). Shear bond strength of brackets to demineralize enamel after different pretreatment methods. Angle Orthodontist, 82(1):56-61.


Attin, R (2011). Braunlage 2011 – Präventive Zahnmedizin und Ästhetik. Die Referenten und ihre Themen. ZKN-Mitteilungen, (2):61-65.


Attin, Thomas; Becker, Klaus; Roos, Malgorzata; Attin, R; Paqué, Frank (2009). Impact of storage conditions on profilometry of eroded dental hard tissue. Clinical Oral Investigations, 13(4):473-478.

Knösel, M; Jung, K; Attin, T; Attin, R; Kubein-Meesenburg, D; Gripp-Rudolph, L (2009). Systematic evaluation of the features influencing the accuracy of third order measurements. European Journal of Orthodontics, 31(5):547-555.

Knösel, M; Jung, K; Gripp-Rudolph, L; Attin, T; Attin, R; Sadat-Khonsari, R; Kubein-Meesenburg, D; Bauss, O (2009). Changes in incisor third-order inclination resulting from vertical variation in lingual bracket placement. Angle Orthodontist, 79(4):747-754.

Knösel, M; Jung, K; Attin, T; Engelke, W; Kubein-Meesenburg, D; Gripp-Rudolph, L; Attin, R (2009). On the interaction between incisor crown-root morphology and third-order angulation. Angle Orthodontist, 79(3):454-461.

Knösel, M; Attin, R; Jung, K; Brunner, E; Kubein-Meesenburg, D; Attin, T (2009). Digital image color analysis compared to direct CIE colorimeter assessment under different ambient conditions. American Journal of Dentistry, 22(2):67-72.


Attin, Thomas; Abouassi, Thaer; Becker, Klaus; Wiegand, Annette; Roos, Malgorzata; Attin, Rengin (2008). A new method for chlorhexidine (CHX) determination: CHX release after application of differently concentrated CHX-containing preparations on artificial fissures. Clinical Oral Investigations, 12(3):189-196.

Knösel, M; Attin, R; Becker, K; Attin, T (2008). A randomized CIE-lab evaluation of external bleaching therapy effects on fluorotic enamel stains. Quintessence International, 39(5):391-399.

Attin, R. Development of an effective antibacterial treatment mehtod in orthodontic patients. Clinical and experimental studies. 2008, University of Zurich, Faculty of Medicine.

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