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Calzaferri, G; Méallet-Renault, R; Brühwiler, D; Pansu, R; Dolamic, I; Dienel, T; Adler, P; Li, H; Kunzmann, A (2011). Designing dye–nanochannel antenna hybrid materials for light harvesting, transport and trapping. ChemPhysChem, 12(3):580-594.

Lopez-Duarte, I; Dieu, L Q; Dolamic, I; Martinez-Diaz, M V; Torres, T; Calzaferri, G; Brühwiler, D (2011). On the significance of the anchoring group in the design of antenna materials based on phthalocyanine stopcocks and zeolite L. Chemistry - A European Journal, 17(6):1855-1862.


Calzaferri, G; Brühwiler, D; Meng, T; Dieu, L Q; Malinovskii, V L; Häner, R (2010). Surprising properties of a furo-furanone. Chemistry - A European Journal, 16(37):11289-11299.


Brühwiler, D; Calzaferri, G; Torres, T; Ramm, J H; Gartmann, N; Dieu, L Q; Lopez-Duarte, I; Martinez-Diaz, M V (2009). Nanochannels for supramolecular organization of luminescent guests. Journal of Materials Chemistry, 19(43):8040-8067.


Calzaferri, G; Li, H; Brühwiler, D (2008). Dye-modified nanochannel materials for photoelectronic and optical devices. Chemistry - A European Journal, 14(25):7442-7449.

Dieu, L Q; Devaux, A; Lopez-Duarte, I; Martinez-Diaz, M V; Brühwiler, D; Calzaferri, G; Torres, T (2008). Novel phthalocyanine-based stopcock for zeolite L. Chemical Communications, 10:1187-1189.

Zabala Ruiz, A; Brühwiler, D; Dieu, L Q; Calzaferri, G (2008). Controlling Size and Morphology of Zeolite L. In: Schubert, U; Hüsing, N; Laine, R M. Materials Syntheses. Berlin: Springer-Verlag, 9-19.


Brühwiler, D; Dieu, L Q; Calzaferri, G (2007). Nanochannel materials for quantum solar energy conversion devices. CHIMIA International Journal for Chemistry, 61(12):820-822.

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