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Nater, Chloé R; van Benthem, Koen J; Canale, Cindy I; Schradin, Carsten; Ozgul, Arpat (2018). Density feedbacks mediate effects of environmental change on population dynamics of a semidesert rodent. Journal of Animal Ecology, 87(6):1534-1546.


Giraudeau, Mathieu; Ziegler, Ann-Kathrin; Pick, Joel L; Ducatez, Simon; Canale, Cindy I; Tschirren, Barbara (2017). Interactive effects of yolk testosterone and carotenoid on prenatal growth and offspring physiology in a precocial bird. Behavioral Ecology, 28(1):31-38.


Canale, Cindy I; Ozgul, Arpat; Allainé, Dominique; Cohas, Aurelie (2016). Differential plasticity of size and mass to environmental change in a hibernating mammal. Global Change Biology, 22(10):3286-3303.

Tschirren, Barbara; Ziegler, Ann-Kathrin; Canale, Cindy I; Okuliarová, Monika; Zeman, Michal; Giraudeau, Mathieu (2016). High Yolk Testosterone Transfer Is Associated with an Increased Female Metabolic Rate. Physiological and Biochemical Zoology, 89(5):448-452.

Nater, Chloé R; Canale, Cindy I; van Benthem, Koen J; Yuen, Chi-Hang; Schoepf, Ivana; Pillay, Neville; Ozgul, Arpat; Schradin, Carsten (2016). Interactive effects of exogenous and endogenous factors on demographic rates of an African rodent. Oikos, 125(12):1838-1848.


Huchard, E; Canale, C I; Le Gros, C; Perret, M; Henry, P-Y; Kappeler, P M (2012). Convenience polyandry or convenience polygyny? Costly sex under female control in a promiscuous primate. Proceedings of the Royal Society of London, Series B: Biological Sciences, 279(1732):1371-1379.

Canale, Cindy I; Huchard, Elise; Perret, Martine; Henry, Pierre-Yves (2012). Reproductive resilience to food shortage in a small heterothermic primate. PLoS ONE, 7(7):e41477.

Languille, S; Blanc, S; Blin, O; Canale, C I; Dal-Pan, A; Devau, G; Dhenain, M; Dorieux, O; Epelbaum, J; Gomez, D; Hardy, I; Henry, P-Y; Irving, E A; Marchal, J; Mestre-Francés, N; Perret, M; Picq, J-L; Pifferi, F; Rahman, A; Schenker, E; Terrien, J; Théry, M; Verdier, J-M; Aujard, F (2012). The grey mouse lemur: A non-human primate model for ageing studies. Ageing Research Reviews, 11(1):150-162.

Canale, Cindy I; Perret, Martine; Henry, Pierre-Yves (2012). Torpor use during gestation and lactation in a primate. Die Naturwissenschaften, 99(2):159-163.

Canale, Cindy I; Levesque, Danielle L; Lovegrove, Barry G (2012). Tropical Heterothermy: Does the Exception Prove the Rule or Force a Re-Definition? In: Ruf, Thomas; Bieber, Claudia; Arnold, Walter; Millesi, Eva. Living in a Seasonal World. Heidelberg: Springer, 29-40.


Canale, C I; Perret, M; Thery, M; Henry, P Y (2011). Physiological flexibility and acclimation to food shortage in a heterothermic primate. Journal of Experimental Biology, 214(4):551-560.


Canale, C I; Henry, P Y (2010). Adaptive phenotypic plasticity and resilience of vertebrates to increasing climatic unpredictability. Climate Research, 43(1):135-147.

Canale, Cindy I; Henry, Pierre-Yves (2010). Energetic costs of the immune response and torpor use in a primate. Functional Ecology, 25(3):557-565.

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