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Baer, K; Bürli, T; Huh, K H; Wiesner, A; Erb-Vögtli, S; Göckeritz-Dujmovic, D; Moransard, M; Nishimune, A; Rees, M I; Henley, J M; Fritschy, J M; Fuhrer, C (2007). PICK1 interacts with alpha7 neuronal nicotinic acetylcholine receptors and controls their clustering. Molecular and Cellular Neuroscience, 35(2):339-355.


Sadasivam, G; Willmann, R; Lin, S; Erb-Vögtli, S; Kong, X C; Rüegg, M A; Fuhrer, C (2005). Src-family kinases stabilize the neuromuscular synapse in vivo via protein interactions, phosphorylation, and cytoskeletal linkage of acetylcholine receptors. Journal of Neuroscience, 25(45):10479-10493.


Mittaud, P; Camilleri, A A; Willmann, R; Erb-Vögtli, S; Burden, S J; Fuhrer, C (2004). A single pulse of agrin triggers a pathway that acts to cluster acetylcholine receptors. Molecular and Cellular Biology, 24(18):7841-7854.


Marangi, P A; Forsayeth, J R; Mittaud, P; Erb-Vögtli, S; Blake, D J; Moransard, M; Sander, A; Fuhrer, C (2001). Acetylcholine receptors are required for agrin-induced clustering of postsynaptic proteins. The EMBO Journal, 20(24):7060-7073.

Mittaud, P; Marangi, P A; Erb-Vögtli, S; Fuhrer, C (2001). Agrin-induced activation of acetylcholine receptor-bound Src family kinases requires Rapsyn and correlates with acetylcholine receptor clustering. Journal of Biological Chemistry, 276(17):14505-14513.

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