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Tajika, Amane; Tschanz, Karl; Klug, Christian (2018). New Albian ammonite faunas from Semelenberg (Alpstein, Switzerland) and their paleoecology. Swiss Journal of Palaeontology, 137(1):65-76.

Tajika, Amane; Nützel, Alexander; Klug, Christian (2018). The old and the new plankton: ecological replacement of associations of mollusc plankton and giant filter feeders after the Cretaceous? PeerJ, 6:e4219.

Tajika, Amane; Kürsteiner, Peter; Klug, Christian (2018). Ecological disparity is more susceptible to environmental changes than familial taxonomic richness during the Cretaceous in the Alpstein region (northeastern Switzerland). Swiss Journal of Palaeontology, 137(1):49-64.

Wani, Ryoji; Tajika, Amane; Ikuno, Kenji; Iwasaki, Tetsuro (2018). Ontogenetic trajectories of septal spacing in Early Jurassic belemnites from Germany and France, and their palaeobiological implications. Palaeontology, 61(1):77-88.


Tajika, Amane; Morimoto, Naoki; Wani, Ryoji; Klug, Christian (2017). Intraspecific variation in cephalopod conchs changes during ontogeny: perspectives from three-dimensional morphometry of Nautilus pompilius. Paleobiology:1-13.

Tajika, Amane; Kürsteiner, Peter; Pictet, Antoine; Lehmann, Jens; Tschanz, Karl; Jattiot, Romain; Klug, Christian (2017). Cephalopod associations and palaeoecology of the Cretaceous (Barremian–Cenomanian) succession of the Alpstein, northeastern Switzerland. Cretaceous research, 70:15-54.

Tajika, Amane. Ecology and Variation of Cretaceous and Recent Cephalopods. 2017, University of Zurich, Faculty of Science.


Naglik, Carole; Tajika, Amane; Chamberlain, John; Klug, Christian (2015). Ammonoid Locomotion. In: Klug, C; Korn, D; De Baets, K; Kruta, I; Mapes, R H. Ammonoid Paleobiology: From anatomy to ecology. Dordrecht: Springer, 649-688.

Tajika, Amane; Naglik, Carole; Morimoto, Naoki; Pascual-Cebrian, Enric; Hennhöfer, Dominik; Klug, Christian (2015). Empirical 3D model of the conch of the Middle Jurassic ammonite microconchNormannites: its buoyancy, the physical effects of its mature modifications and speculations on their function. Historical biology, 27(2):181-191.

Tajika, Amane; Morimoto, Naoki; Wani, Ryoji; Naglik, Carole; Klug, Christian (2015). Intraspecific variation of phragmocone chamber volumes throughout ontogeny in the modern nautilidNautilusand the Jurassic ammoniteNormannites. PeerJ, 3:e1306.

Klug, Christian; Zatoń, Michał; Parent, Horacio; Hostettler, Bernhard; Tajika, Amane (2015). Mature Modifications and Sexual Dimorphism. In: Klug, Christian. Topics in Geobiology. Heidelberg New York London: Springer, 253-320.


Naglik, Carole; Monnet, Claude; Goetz, Stefan; Kolb, Christian; De Baets, Kenneth; Tajika, Amane; Klug, Christian (2014). Growth trajectories of some major ammonoid sub-clades revealed by serial grinding tomography data. Lethaia, 48(1):29-46.

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