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Meloni, G; Vasák, M (2011). Redox activity of α-synuclein-Cu is silenced by Zn(7)-metallothionein-3. Free Radical Biology and Medicine, 50(11):1471-1479.


Manso, Y; Serra, M; Comes, G; Giralt, M; Carrasco, J; Cols, N; Vasák, M; González-Duarte, P; Hidalgo, J (2010). The comparison of mouse full metallothionein-1 versus alpha and beta domains and metallothionein-1-to-3 mutation following traumatic brain injury reveals different biological motifs. Journal of Neuroscience Research, 88(8):1708-1718.

Serra-Batiste, M; Cols, N; Alcaraz, L A; Donaire, A; González-Duarte, P; Vasák, M (2010). The metal-binding properties of the blue crab copper specific CuMT-2: a crustacean metallothionein with two cysteine triplets. Journal of Biological Inorganic Chemistry, 15(5):759-776.


Karotki, A V; Vasák, M (2009). Reaction of human metallothionein-3 with cisplatin and transplatin. Journal of Biological Inorganic Chemistry, 14(7):1129-1138.

Meloni, G; Polanski, T; Braun, O; Vasák, M (2009). Effects of Zn(2+), Ca(2+), and Mg(2+) on the structure of Zn(7)metallothionein-3: evidence for an additional zinc binding site. Biochemistry, 48(24):5700-5707.


Knipp, M; Karotki, A V; Chesnov, S; Natile, G; Sadler, P J; Brabec, V; Vasák, M (2007). Reaction of Zn7metallothionein with cis- and trans-[Pt(N-donor)2Cl2] anticancer complexes: trans-Pt(II) complexes retain their N-donor ligands. Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, 50(17):4075-4086.

Braun, O; Knipp, M; Chesnov, S; Vasák, M (2007). Specific reactions of S-nitrosothiols with cysteine hydrolases: A comparative study between dimethylargininase-1 and CTP synthetase. Protein Science, 16(8):1522-1534.

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