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van Goudoever, Johannes B; Carnielli, Virgilio; Darmaun, Dominique; Sainz de Pipaon, Miguel; et al; Braegger, C (2018). ESPGHAN/ESPEN/ESPR/CSPEN guidelines on pediatric parenteral nutrition: Amino acids. Clinical Nutrition, 37(6 Pt B):2315-2323.

Mihatsch, W; Shamir, R; van Goudoever, J B; Fewtrell, M; Lapillonne, A; Lohner, S; Mihályi, K; Decsi, T; ESPEN/ESPEN/ESPR/CSPEN working group; Braegger, C; et al (2018). ESPGHAN/ESPEN/ESPR/CSPEN guidelines on pediatric parenteral nutrition: Guideline development process for the updated guidelines. Clinical Nutrition, 37(6/B):2306-2308.


Mihatsch, Walter A; Braegger, Christian P; Decsi, Tamas; Kolacek, Sanja; Lanzinger, Hartmut; Mayer, Benjamin; Moreno, Luis A; Pohlandt, Frank; Puntis, John; Shamir, Raanan; Stadtmüller, Ulrich; Szajewska, Hania; Turck, Dominique; van Goudoever, Johannes B (2012). Critical systematic review of the level of evidence for routine use of probiotics for reduction of mortality and prevention of necrotizing enterocolitis and sepsis in preterm infants. Clinical Nutrition, 31(1):6-15.

Koletzko, Berthold; Szajewska, Hania; Ashwell, Margaret; Shamir, Raanan; Aggett, Peter; Baerlocher, Kurt; Noakes, Paul; Braegger, Christian; Calder, Philip; Campoy Folgoso, Cristina; Colomb, Virginie; Decsi, Tamás; Domellöf, Magnus; Dupont, Christophe; Fewtrell, Mary; van Goudoever, Johannes B; Michaelsen, Kim F; Mihatsch, Walter; Guarino, Alfredo; Koletzko, Sibylle; Rigo, Jacques; Turck, Dominique; Taminiau, Jan (2012). Documentation of functional and clinical effects of infant nutrition: setting the scene for COMMENT. Annals of Nutrition & Metabolism, 60(4):222-232.

Shamir, Raanan; Koletzko, Berthold; Agostoni, Carlo; Braegger, Christian; Campoy, Cristina; Colomb, Virginie; Domellöf, Magnus; Decsi, Tamas; Fewtrell, Mary; Goulet, Olivier; Michaelsen, Kim F; Kolaček, Sanja; Mihatsch, Walter; Moreno, Luis; Puntis, John; Rigo, Jacques; Szajewska, Hania; Turck, Dominique; van Goudoever, Johannes B (2012). Re: ESPGHAN's 2008 recommendation for early introduction of complementary foods: how good is the evidence? (Cattaneo et al. 2011). Maternal & Child Nutrition, 8(1):136-139.

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