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Howie, Sarah A; van Meerveld, H J (2018). Laggs can develop and be restored inside a raised bog. Wetlands Ecology and Management, 26(4):635-649.

Ghimire, Chandra Prasad; Bruijnzeel, L Adrian; Lubczynski, Maciek W; Zwartendijk, Bob W; Odongo, Vincent Omondi; Ravelona, Maafaka; van Meerveld, H J (2018). Transpiration and stomatal conductance in a young secondary tropical montane forest: contrasts between native trees and invasive understorey shrubs. Tree Physiology, 38(7):1053-1070.

Seibert, Jan; Vis, Marc J P; Lewis, Elizabeth; van Meerveld, H J (2018). Upper and lower benchmarks in hydrological modelling. Hydrological Processes, 32(8):1120-1125.


Rinderer, Michael; McGlynn, B L; van Meerveld, H J (2017). Groundwater similarity across a watershed derived from time-warped and flow-corrected time series. Water Resources Research, 53(5):3921-3940.

Zwartendijk, Bob W; van Meerveld, H J; Ghimire, Chandra Prasad; Bruijnzeel, L A; Ravelona, M; Jones, J P G (2017). Rebuilding soil hydrological functioning after swidden agriculture in eastern Madagascar. Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment, 239:101-111.

Fischer, Benjamin M C; van Meerveld, H J; Seibert, Jan (2017). Spatial variability in the isotopic composition of rainfall in a small headwater catchment and its effect on hydrograph separation. Journal of Hydrology, 547:755-769.

Blume, Theresa; van Meerveld, H J; Weiler, Markus (2017). The role of experimental work in hydrological sciences – insights from a community survey. Hydrological Sciences Journal, 62(3):334-337.

Wang, Ling; van Meerveld, H J; Seibert, Jan (2017). When should stream water be sampled to be most informative for event-based, multi-criteria model calibration? Hydrology Research, 48(6):1566-1584.


Zuecco, Giulia; Penna, Daniele; Borga, Marco; van Meerveld, H J (2016). A versatile index to characterize hysteresis between hydrological variables at the runoff event timescale. Hydrological Processes, 30(9):1449-1466.

Howie, Sarah A; van Meerveld, H J (2016). Classification of vegetative lagg types and hydrogeomorphic lagg forms in bogs of coastal British Columbia, Canada. The Canadian Geographer, 60(1):123-134.

Spencer, Sheena A; van Meerveld, H J (2016). Double funnelling in a mature coastal British Columbia forest: spatial patterns of stemflow after infiltration. Hydrological Processes, 30(22):4185-4201.

Penna, Daniele; van Meerveld, H J; Zuecco, Giulia; Dalla Fontana, Giancarlo; Borga, Marco (2016). Hydrological response of an Alpine catchment to rainfall and snowmelt events. Journal of Hydrology, 537:382-397.

Rinderer, Michael; van Meerveld, H J; Stähli, Manfred; Seibert, Jan (2016). Is groundwater response timing in a pre-alpine catchment controlled more by topography or by rainfall? Hydrological Processes, 30(7):1036-1051.

Howie, Sarah A; van Meerveld, H J; Hebda, Richard J (2016). Regional patterns and controlling factors in plant species composition and diversity in Canadian lowland coastal bogs and laggs. Mires and Peat, 18(23):1-13.


Castleden, Heather; Crooks, Valorie A; van Meerveld, H J (2015). Examining the public health implications of drinking water-related behaviours and perceptions: A face-to-face exploratory survey of residents in eight coastal communities in British Columbia and Nova Scotia. The Canadian Geographer, 59(2):111-125.

Blume, Theresa; van Meerveld, H J (2015). From hillslope to stream: methods to investigate subsurface connectivity. Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews: Water, 2(3):177-198.

van Meerveld, H J; Seibert, Jan; Peters, Norman E (2015). Hillslope-riparian-stream connectivity and flow directions at the Panola Mountain Research Watershed. Hydrological Processes, 29(16):3556-3574.

Penna, Daniele; van Meerveld, H J; Oliviero, Omar; Zuecco, Giulia; Assendelft, Rick; Dalla Fontana, Giancarlo; Borga, Marco (2015). Seasonal changes in runoff generation in a small forested mountain catchment. Hydrological Processes, 29(8):2027-2042.


van Meerveld, H J; Baird, Elizabeth J; Floyd, William C (2014). Controls on sediment production from an unpaved resource road in a Pacific maritime watershed. Water Resources Research, 50(6):4803-4820.

Rinderer, Michael; van Meerveld, H J; Seibert, Jan (2014). Topographic controls on shallow groundwater levels in a steep, prealpine catchment: When are the TWI assumptions valid? Water Resources Research, 50(7):6067-6080.


Lutz, Stefanie; van Meerveld, H J; Waterloo, Marten J; Broers, Hans Peter; van Breukelen, Boris (2013). A model-based assessment of the potential use of compound-specific stable isotope analysis in river monitoring of diffuse pesticide pollution. Hydrology and Earth System Sciences, 17(11):4505-4524.

Howie, Sarah A; van Meerveld, H J (2013). Regional and local patterns in depth to water table, hydrochemistry and peat properties of bogs and their laggs in coastal British Columbia. Hydrology and Earth System Sciences, 17(9):3421-3435.

Penna, Daniele; Oliviero, Omar; Assendelft, Rick; Zuecco, Giulia; van Meerveld, H J; Anfodillo, Tommaso; Carraro, Vinicio; Borga, Marco; Dalla Fontana, Giancarlo (2013). Tracing the water sources of trees and streams: isotopic analysis in a small pre-alpine catchment. Procedia Environmental Sciences, 19:106-112.


Buttle, James M; Boon, Sarah; Peters, D L; Spence, Christopher; van Meerveld, H J; Whitfield, P H (2012). An overview of temporary stream hydrology in Canada. Canadian Water Resources Journal, 37(4):279-310.

Parlange, Jean-Yves; Hogarth, W L; Heng, B C P; Sander, Graham C; Barry, David Andrew; Brovelli, Alessandro; Jomaa, Seifeddine; Parlange, Marc B; Hairsine, Peter B; Steenhuis, Tammo S; van Meerveld, H J; Rose, Calvin Wyatt (2012). Erosion of soils due to rainfall impact - an interpolation method. Ecohydrology, 5(5):575-579.

McGee, Dave; Boon, Sarah; van Meerveld, H J (2012). Impacts of rural water diversions on prairie streamflow. Canadian Water Resources Journal, 37(4):415-424.

Huxter, Emily H H; van Meerveld, H J (2012). Intermittent and perennial streamflow regime characteristics in the Okanagan. Canadian Water Resources Journal, 37(4):391-414.

Welch, Laurie A A; Allen, Diana M M; van Meerveld, H J (2012). Topographic controls on deep groundwater contributions to mountain headwater streams and sensitivity to available recharge. Canadian Water Resources Journal, 37(4):349-371.

Peters, Daniel L L; Boon, Sarah; Huxter, Emily; Spence, Christopher; van Meerveld, H J; Whitfield, Paul H H (2012). ZeroFlow: A PUB (Prediction in Ungauged Basins) workshop on temporary streams – summary of workshop discussions and future directions. Canadian Water Resources Journal, 37(4):425-431.


Haught, D R W; van Meerveld, H J (2011). Spatial variation in transient water table responses: differences between an upper and lower hillslope zone. Hydrological Processes, 25(25):3866-3877.

Howie, Sarah A; van Meerveld, H J (2011). The essential role of the lagg in raised bog function and restoration: a review. Wetlands, 31(3):613-622.

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