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Tang, Zhi; Peng, Yaqian; Jiang, Yi; Wang, Li; Guo, Min; Chen, Zhuyi; Luo, Chao; Zhang, Ting; Xiao, Yan; Ni, Ruiqing; Qi, Xiaolan (2024). Gastrodin ameliorates synaptic impairment, mitochondrial dysfunction and oxidative stress in N2a/APP cells. Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, 719:150127.

Kong, Yanyan; Cao, Lei; Wang, Jiao; Zhuang, Junyi; Liu, Yongshan; Bi, Lei; Qiu, Yifan; Hou, Yuyi; Huang, Qi; Xie, Fang; Yang, Yunhao; Shi, Kuangyu; Rominger, Axel; Guan, Yihui; Jin, Hongjun; Ni, Ruiqing (2024). Increased Cerebral Level of P2X7R in a Tauopathy Mouse Model by PET Using 18FGSK1482160. ACS Chemical Neuroscience:Epub ahead of print.

Wang, Jie; Huang, Qi; He, Kun; Li, Junpeng; Guo, Tengfei; Yang, Yang; Lin, Zengping; Li, Songye; Vanderlinden, Greet; Huang, Yiyun; Van Laere, Koen; Guan, Yihui; Guo, Qihao; Ni, Ruiqing; Li, Binying; Xie, Fang (2024). Presynaptic density determined by SV2A PET is closely associated with postsynaptic metabotropic glutamate receptor 5 availability and independent of amyloid pathology in early cognitive impairment. Alzheimer's & Dementia:Epub ahead of print.

Kong, Yanyan; Maschio, Cinzia A; Shi, Xuefeng; Xie, Fang; Zuo, Chuantao; Konietzko, Uwe; Shi, Kuangyu; Rominger, Axel; Xiao, Jianfei; Huang, Qingyao; Nitsch, Roger M; Guan, Yihui; Ni, Ruiqing (2024). Relationship Between Reactive Astrocytes, by [18F]SMBT-1 Imaging, with Amyloid-Beta, Tau, Glucose Metabolism, and TSPO in Mouse Models of Alzheimer’s Disease. Molecular Neurobiology:Epub ahead of print.

Ren, Wuwei; Ni, Ruiqing (2024). Noninvasive Visualization of Amyloid-Beta Deposits in Alzheimer’s Amyloidosis Mice via Fluorescence Molecular Tomography Using Contrast Agent. In: Perneczky, Robert. Biomarkers for Alzheimer’s Disease Drug Development. New York, NY: Springer, 271-285.

Kong, Yanyan; Cao, Lei; Xie, Fang; Wang, Xiuzhe; Zuo, Chuantao; Shi, Kuangyu; Rominger, Axel; Huang, Qi; Xiao, Jianfei; Jiang, Donglang; Guan, Yihui; Ni, Ruiqing (2024). Reduced SV2A and GABA$_A$ receptor levels in the brains of type 2 diabetic rats revealed by [$^{18}$F]SDM-8 and [$^{18}$F]flumazenil PET. Biomedicine & Pharmacotherapy, 172:116252.

Tang, Zhi; Chen, Zhuyi; Guo, Min; Peng, Yaqian; Xiao, Yan; Guan, Zhizhong; Ni, Ruiqing; Qi, Xiaolan (2024). NRF2 Deficiency Promotes Ferroptosis of Astrocytes Mediated by Oxidative Stress in Alzheimer's Disease. Molecular Neurobiology:Epub ahead of print.

Lee, Jeung-Hyun; Kang, Sanghoon; Maier, Silvia U; Lee, Sang Ah; Goldfarb, Elizabeth V; Ahn, Woo-Young (2024). Acute Stress Enhances Memory and Preference for Smoking-Related Associations in Smokers. Nicotine & Tobacco Research, 26(3):333-341.

Cao, Lei; Ji, Bin; Ni, Ruiqing (2024). Advances in non-invasive imaging of proteinopathies in animal models of neurodegenerative diseases. Neural Regeneration Research, 19(10):2115-2116.

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Coors, Michael (2023). Christologie als theologische Meta-Ethik. Einige Erwägungen zur ethischen Relevanz christologischer Reflexion. In: Assel, Heinrich; McCormack, Bruce. Christology Revised. Kreuz, Auferstehung, Menschwerdung, >Jesus remembered<. Berlin: De Gruyter, 387-408.

Streeck, Nina (2023). Suizid als Prävention – Sterbehilfe und das Management der Zukunft. In: Duncker, Simon; Schmidt, Almuth-Maria. Sterben mit Anspruch?: Sterbehilfe aus gesellschaftstheoretischer und historischer Sicht. kBaden-Baden: Nomos, 81-102.

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Wang, Ning; Mutzner, Nico; Blanchet, Karl (2023). Societal Acceptance of Urban Drones: A Scoping Literature Review. Technology in society, 75:102377.

Coors, Michael; Chilian, Lea (2023). From the Guest Editors. De Ethica : A Journal of Philosophical, Theological, and Applied Ethics, 7(3):2-6.

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Streeck, Nina (2023). Rezension von: Leget, C, Der innere Raum: wie wir erfüllt leben und gut sterben können: eine Ars moriendi für unsere Zeit. - Ostfildern: Patmos, 2021. Zeitschrift für medizinische Ethik, 69(4):654-656.

Wilhelm, Monika. Die Entdeckung der Wirklichkeit Die philosophische Reflexion auf Literatur und Ethik bei Iris Murdoch und deren Bedeutung für die Theologie. 2023, University of Zurich, Faculty of Theology.

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Chilian, Lea (2023). Moralische Involvierungen in Lesepredigten. Zur ethischen Relevanz von Person, Inhalt und Vortrag. Pastoraltheologie: Monatsschrift für Wissenschaft und Praxis in Kirche und Gesellschaft, 112(7):332-347.

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