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Zhang, Kai. At the Core of Dynamic Polymers: The Synthesis and Self-Assembly of Twisted Arylamines. 2024, University of Zurich, Faculty of Science.

El Bitar Nehme, Melissa. Regulation through Contortion: From Supramolecular Surface-Interaction to Tunable Spin Information Relays. 2024, University of Zurich, Faculty of Science.

Csucker, Joshua. Applications of the [Re($\eta$$^t{6}$-arene)$_{2}$]$^t{+}$ Scaffold in Catalysis and Bioorganometallic Chemistry. 2024, University of Zurich, Faculty of Science.

Chen, Kangwei. Homo- and Heterogeneous Silicone Micro-Nano Structures: Synthesis, Functionalization and Applications. 2024, University of Zurich, Faculty of Science.

Grundmann, Nora Sophie. The Quest for Reduced Overpotentials: Derivatisation of Polypyridyl Cobalt Based Water Reducing Catalysts. 2024, University of Zurich, Faculty of Science.

Safari, Mohammad Reza; Matthes, Frank; Schneider, Claus M; Ernst, Karl‐Heinz; Bürgler, Daniel E (2024). Spin‐Selective Electron Transport Through Single Chiral Molecules. Small, 20(22):e2308233.

Velagapudi, Srividya; Wang, Dongdong; Poti, Francesco; Feuerborn, Renata; Robert, Jérôme; Schlumpf, Eveline; Yalcinkaya, Mustafa; Panteloglou, Grigorios; Potapenko, Anton; Simoni, Manuela; Rohrer, Lucia; Nofer, Jerzy-Roch; von Eckardstein, Arnold (2024). Sphingosine-1-phosphate receptor 3 regulates the transendothelial transport of HDL and LDL in opposite ways. Cardiovascular Research, 120(5):476-489.

Folkestad, Sarai Dery; Paul, Alexander C; Paul, Regina; Coriani, Sonia; Odelius, Michael; Iannuzzi, Marcella; Koch, Henrik (2024). Understanding X-ray absorption in liquid water using triple excitations in multilevel coupled cluster theory. Nature Communications, 15(1):3551.

Braun, Valentin; Ceglarek, Uta; Gaudl, Alexander; Gawinecka, Joanna; Müller, Daniel; Rauh, Manfred; Weber, Matthias; Seger, Christoph (2024). Evaluation of five multisteroid LC‒MS/MS methods used for routine clinical analysis: comparable performance was obtained for nine analytes. Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine, 62(5):900-910.

Besmer, Manuel. $^{99}$Tc-PNP Pincer Complexes Interacting with Small Molecules. 2024, University of Zurich, Faculty of Science.

Gallego, Lucía. Carpyridines as Versatile Platforms for Shape-Assisted Self-Assembly and for Energy Transfer. 2024, University of Zurich, Faculty of Science.

Service, Erin. Charge Transfer in Amorphous TiO$_2$ Protected Photocathodes Determined by Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy. 2024, University of Zurich, Faculty of Science.

Sauser, Luca. From Bioinspired Scaffolds to Genetically Encoded Libraries: The Quest for Next-Generation Chelating Agents for Lead. 2024, University of Zurich, Faculty of Science.

Kienbeck, Kasimir; Malfertheiner, Lukas; Zelger-Paulus, Susann; Johannsen, Silke; von Mering, Christian; Sigel, Roland K O (2024). From Enigma to Revelation: Unravelling Biological Functions of Ubiquitous Small Ribozymes. Chimia, 78(4):200-204.

Mohammed, Tagwa Ahmed Abdelrahman. Short Peptides as Selective Chelating Agents for Lead Detoxification. 2024, University of Zurich, Faculty of Science.

Nievergelt, Philipp; Berliat, Florian; McAuley, Katherine E; Dorgan, Colin R; van Well, Renate Maria; Thorn, Andrea; Spingler, Bernhard (2024). RNA oligomers at atomic resolution containing 1‐methylpseudouridine, an essential building block of mRNA vaccines. ChemMedChem, 19(7):e202300600.

Lang, Jakob; Ramos, Sergio E; Smohunova, Marharyta; Bigler, Laurent; Schuman, Meredith Christine (2024). Screening of leaf extraction and storage conditions for eco‐metabolomics studies. Plant Direct, 8(4):e578.

Gruber, Sven; Stasi, Evangelia; Boan Pion, Antonio; Steiner, Regula; Erlic, Zoran; Bornstein, Stefan R; Sudano, Isabella; Reincke, Martin; Beuschlein, Felix (2024). Unawareness of Primary Aldosteronism as a Common Cause of Hypokalemia – Insights from the IPAHK+ Trial (Incidence of Primary Aldosteronism in Patients with Hypokalemia). Hormone and metabolic research, 56(04):300-307.

Nabika, Tomohiro; Iwata, Satoru; Satoh, Hiroko (2024). Exact solution for minimization of root mean square deviation with G-RMSD to determine molecular similarity. Bulletin of the Chemical Society of Japan, 97(4):uoae037.

Adams, Pardis. Enhancing the Efficiency of Antimony Selenide Photocathodes Towards Solar Hydrogen Production. 2024, University of Zurich, Faculty of Science.

Majcher, Adam. From Molecules to Medicine: Sphingolipids in Health and Disease. 2024, University of Zurich, Faculty of Science.

Müller, Tiziano. From Benchmarking to Periodic Fock Exchange in the Auxiliary Density Matrix Method via k-Point Sampling with Gaussian Basis Sets. 2024, University of Zurich, Faculty of Science.

Woods, Joseph. Shaping Saddles into 2D Sheets: On-Surface Self-Assembly and Structural Elucidation. 2024, University of Zurich, Faculty of Science.

Cieslik, Patrick A; Klingler, Simon; Nolff, Mirja; Holland, Jason P (2024). Radiolabelled $^{177}$Lu-Bispidine-Trastuzumab for Targeting Human Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor 2 Positive Cancers. Chemistry, 30(14):e202303805.

Adams, Pardis; Schnyder, Ramon; Moehl, Thomas; Bühler, Jan; Alvarez, Angel Labordet; Dimitrievska, Mirjana; McKenna, Keith; Yang, Wooseok; Tilley, S David (2024). Post-Synthetic Silver Ion and Sulfurization Treatment for Enhanced Performance in Sb$_2$Se$_3$ Water Splitting Photocathodes. Advanced Functional Materials, 34(10):2310596.

Bienz, Stefan P; Gadzo, Naida; Zuercher, Anina N; Wiedemeier, Daniel; Jung, Ronald E; Thoma, Daniel S (2024). Clinical and histological wound healing patterns of collagen-based substitutes: An experimental randomized controlled trial in standardized palatal defects in humans. Journal of Clinical Periodontology, 51(3):319-329.

Li, Cheng. Linking Leaf Spectra to Genetic Variation. 2024, University of Zurich, Faculty of Science.

Baumann, Christian. Characterization of the $\alpha_{\text{1B}}$-Adrenergic Receptor in the Inactive State and Metal Binding in Gastropod Metallothioneins by Solution NMR. 2024, University of Zurich, Faculty of Science.

Kienbeck, Kasimir; Malfertheiner, Lukas; Zelger-Paulus, Susann; Johannsen, Silke; von Mering, Christian; Sigel, Roland K O (2024). Identification of HDV-like theta ribozymes involved in tRNA-based recoding of gut bacteriophages. Nature Communications, 15(1):1559.

Bussy, Augustin; Hutter, Jürg (2024). Efficient periodic resolution-of-the-identity Hartree–Fock exchange method with k-point sampling and Gaussian basis sets. Journal of Chemical Physics, 160(6):064116.

Gaengler, Stephanie; Sadlon, Angélique; de Godoi Rezende Costa Molino, Caroline; Willett, Walter C; Manson, JoAnn E; Vellas, Bruno; Steinhagen-Thiessen, Elisabeth; von Eckardstein, Arnold; Ruschitzka, Frank; Rizzoli, René; da Silva, José A P; Kressig, Reto W; Kanis, John; Orav, E John; Egli, Andreas; Bischoff-Ferrari, Heike A (2024). Effects of vitamin D, omega-3 and a simple strength exercise programme in cardiovascular disease prevention: The DO-HEALTH randomized controlled trial. The journal of nutrition, health & aging, 28(2):100037.

Meyer Sauteur, Patrick M; Beeton, Michael L; European Society of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Disease (2024). Mycoplasma pneumoniae: delayed re-emergence after COVID-19 pandemic restrictions. The Lancet Microbe, 5(2):e100-e101.

Csucker, Joshua; Decrausaz, Nathalie; Jäggi, Sarah Isabella; Blacque, Olivier; Spingler, Bernhard; Alberto, Roger (2024). Synthesis and Photophysical Evaluation of 3,3’‐Nitrogen Bis‐Substituted <i>fac</i>‐[Re(CO)<sub>3</sub>(Diimine)Br] Complexes. Helvetica Chimica Acta, 107(2):e202300239.

Wan, Wenchao; Zhao, Yonggui; Meng, Jie; Allen, Christopher S; Zhou, Ying; Patzke, Greta R (2024). Tailoring C─N Containing Compounds into Carbon Nanomaterials with Tunable Morphologies for Electrocatalytic Applications. Small, 20(7):e2304663.

Ahmadi, Soroush; Spingler, Bernhard; Rohani, Sohrab (2024). Improving Crystal Morphology through Cocrystallization: A Case Study of Rufinamide-Trimesic Acid Cocrystal. Crystal Growth & Design, 24(3):1170-1179.

Taghizadeh Shool, Maryam; Amiri Rudbari, Hadi; Cuevas-Vicario, José V; Rodríguez-Rubio, Andrea; Stagno, Claudio; Iraci, Nunzio; Efferth, Thomas; Omer, Ejlal A; Schirmeister, Tanja; Blacque, Olivier; Moini, Nakisa; Sheibani, Esmail; Micale, Nicola (2024). Investigating the Cytotoxicity of Ru(II) Polypyridyl Complexes by Changing the Electronic Structure of Salicylaldehyde Ligands. Inorganic Chemistry, 63(2):1083-1101.

Stein, Frederick; Hutter, Jürg (2024). Massively parallel implementation of gradients within the random phase approximation: Application to the polymorphs of benzene. Journal of Chemical Physics, 160(2):024120.

Roithmeyer, Helena; Sévery, Laurent; Moehl, Thomas; Spingler, Bernhard; Blacque, Olivier; Fox, Thomas; Iannuzzi, Marcella; Tilley, S David (2024). Electrocatalytic Ammonia Oxidation with a Tailored Molecular Catalyst Heterogenized via Surface Host–Guest Complexation. Journal of the American Chemical Society, 146(1):430-436.

Hutter, Jürg; Iannuzzi, Marcella; Kühne, Thomas D (2024). Ab Initio Molecular Dynamics: A Guide to Applications. In: Yáñez, Manuel; Boyed, Russell J. Comprehensive Computational Chemistry. Elsevier: Copyright © 2023 Elsevier, 493-517.

Janeková, Hana; Friedman, Hannah C; Russo, Marina; Zyberaj, Mergime; Ahmed, Tasnim; Hua, Ash Sueh; Sica, Anthony V; Caram, Justin R; Stacko, Peter (2024). Deuteration of heptamethine cyanine dyes enhances their emission efficacy. Chemical Communications, 60(8):1000-1003.

Vögtli, Marius; Schläpfer, Daniel; Schuman, Meredith Christine; Schaepman, Michael E; Kneubühler, Mathias; Damm, Alexander (2024). Effects of atmospheric, topographic, and BRDF correction on imaging spectroscopy-derived data products. IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Applied Earth Observations and Remote Sensing, 17:109-126.

Besmer, Manuel Luca; Schwitter, Flurina; Battistin, Federica; Braband, Henrik; Fox, Thomas; Spingler, Bernhard; Alberto, Roger (2024). Induced $fac-mer$ rearrangements in {M(CO)$_3$}$^{+}$ complexes (M = Re, $^{99(m)}$Tc) by a PNP ligand. Dalton Transactions, 53(4):1434-1438.

Rehm, Karoline; Hankele, Anna-Katharina; Ulbrich, Susanne E; Bigler, Laurent (2024). Quantification of glucocorticoid and progestogen metabolites in bovine plasma, skimmed milk and saliva by UHPLC-HR-MS with polarity switching. Analytica Chimica Acta, 1287:342118.

Baumann, Christian; Zerbe, Oliver (2024). The role of leucine and isoleucine in tuning the hydropathy of class A <scp>GPCRs</scp>. Proteins, 92(1):15-23.

Velasquez, Nicolas; B. Nunes, Fernanda; Travnikova, Oksana; Ismail, Iyas; Guillemin, Renaud; Martins, Jessica B; Céolin, Denis; Journel, Loïc; Fillaud, Laure; Koulentianos, Dimitris; Kamal, Chinnathambi; Püttner, Ralph; Piancastelli, Maria Novella; Simon, Marc; Odelius, Michael; Iannuzzi, Marcella; Marchenko, Tatiana (2024). X-ray induced ultrafast charge transfer in thiophene-based conjugated polymers controlled by core-hole clock spectroscopy. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics (PCCP), 26(2):1234-1244.

Vollenweider, Vera; Rehm, Karoline; Chepkirui, Clara; Pérez-Berlanga, Manuela; Polymenidou, Magdalini; Piel, Jörn; Bigler, Laurent; Kümmerli, Rolf (2024). Antimicrobial activity of iron-depriving pyoverdines against human opportunistic pathogens. eLife, 13:RP92493.

Creazzo, Fabrizio; Luber, Sandra (2024). Modeling of solid-liquid interfaces for water splitting catalysis. In: Creazzo, Fabrizio. Chemistry, Molecular Sciences and Chemical Engineering. Niederlande: Elsevier, 735-749.

He, Yunquan; Guo, Jieyu; Yu, Yueyang; Jin, Jiayu; Jiang, Qingjun; Li, Qinhan; Ma, Siyu; Pan, Qi; Lin, Jiayi; Jiang, Nan; Ma, Jinghua; Li, Yongbo; Hou, Yannan; Zhi, Xiuling; Jiang, Lindi; Qu, Lefeng; Osto, Elena; Wang, Xinhong; Wei, Xiangxiang; Meng, Dan (2023). BACH1 regulates the differentiation of vascular smooth muscle cells from human embryonic stem cells via CARM1-mediated methylation of H3R17. Cell Reports, 42(12):113468.

Hartrampf, Nina (2023). Peptide Therapeutics Forum 2023. Chimia, 77(12):877-878.

Jung, Erik; Kraimps, Anastassia; Dittmann, Silvia; Griesser, Tizian; Costafrolaz, Jordan; Mattenberger, Yves; Jurt, Simon; Viollier, Patrick H; Sander, Peter; Sievers, Susanne; Gademann, Karl (2023). Phenolic Substitution in Fidaxomicin: A Semisynthetic Approach to Antibiotic Activity Across Species. Chembiochem, 24(24):e202300570.

Schreck, Moritz-Valentin; Burgard, Caroline; Schmidtke, Alexander; Hierlmeier, Ina; Stemler, Tobias; Maus, Stephan; Rosar, Florian; Jung, Martin; Speicher, Andreas; Ezziddin, Samer; Holland, Jason P; Bartholomä, Mark D (2023). Radiometal Complexes as Pharmacokinetic Modifiers: A Potent $^{68}$Ga-Labeled Gastrin-Releasing Peptide Receptor Antagonist Based on the Macrocyclic Metal Chelator NODIA-Me. Molecular Pharmaceutics, 20(12):6463-6473.

Bantle, Matthias; van Tieghem, Lanya; Weinmann, Wolfgang; Luginbühl, Marc (2023). Lyso-phosphatidylethanol detected by LC-MS/MS as a potential new marker for alcohol consumption. European Journal of Mass Spectrometry, 29(5-6):338-347.

Karakurt-Fischer, Sema; Johnson, David R; Fenner, Kathrin; Hafner, Jasmin (2023). Making waves: Enhancing pollutant biodegradation via rational engineering of microbial consortia. Water research, 247:120756.

Calderón, Jacqueline C; Herrera, Alberto; Heinemann, Frank W; Langer, Jens; Linden, Anthony; Chelouan, Ahmed; Grasruck, Alexander; Añez, Rafael; Clark, Timothy; Dorta, Romano (2023). Stereochemical Stability of Planar-Chiral Benzazepine Tricyclics: Inversion Energies of P- and S-Alkene Ligands. Journal of Organic Chemistry, 88(23):16144-16154.

Fan, Mingzhen; Kiefer, Patrick; Charki, Paul; Hedberg, Christian; Seibel, Jürgen; Vorholt, Julia A; Hilbi, Hubert (2023). The Legionella autoinducer LAI-1 is delivered by outer membrane vesicles to promote interbacterial and interkingdom signaling. Journal of Biological Chemistry, 299(12):105376.

Gourdon‐Grünewaldt, Lisa; Blacque, Olivier; Gasser, Gilles; Cariou, Kevin (2023). Towards Copper(I) Clusters for Photo‐Induced Oxidation of Biological Thiols in Living Cells**. Chembiochem, 24(23):e202300496.

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Moursy, Ahmed; Cléry, Antoine; Gerhardy, Stefan; Betz, Katharina M; Rao, Sanjana; Mazur, Jarosław; Campagne, Sébastien; Beusch, Irene; Duszczyk, Malgorzata M; Robinson, Mark D; Panse, Vikram Govind; Allain, Frédéric H-T (2023). RNA recognition by Npl3p reveals U2 snRNA-binding compatible with a chaperone role during splicing. Nature Communications, 14(1):7166.

Alberto, Roger (2023). From carbonyls to $π$-aromatic arenes: A thirty years journey through organometallic technetium chemistry. Journal of Organometallic Chemistry, 1000:122828.

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