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Zemlianskii, Vitalii; Ermokhina, Ksenia; Schaepman‐Strub, Gabriela; Matveyeva, Nadezhda; Troeva, Elena; Lavrinenko, Igor; Telyatnikov, Mikhail; Pospelov, Igor; Koroleva, Natalia; Leonova, Nadezhda; Khitun, Olga; Walker, Donald; Breen, Amy; Kadetov, Nikita; Lavrinenko, Olga; Ivleva, Tatiana; Kholod, Sergey; Petrzhik, Nataliia; Gunin, Yakov; Kurysheva, Maria; Lapina, Anna; Korolev, Denis; Kudr, Ekaterina; Plekhanova, Elena (2023). Russian Arctic Vegetation Archive—A new database of plant community composition and environmental conditions. Global Ecology and Biogeography, 32(10):1699-1706.

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Hug, David O H; Stegmayer, Raffael I; Blanckenhorn, Wolf U; Verhulst, Niels O (2023). Thermal preference of adult mosquitoes (Culicidae) and biting midges (Ceratopogonidae) at different altitudes in Switzerland. Medical and Veterinary Entomology, 37(3):562-573.

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Shang, Hui; Xue, Zhi-Qing; Liang, Zhen-Long; Kessler, Michael; Pollawatn, Rossarin; Lu, Ngan Thi; Gu, Yu-Feng; Fan, Xue-Ping; Tan, Yun-Hong; Zhang, Liang; Zhou, Xin-Mao; Wan, Xia; Zhang, Li-Bing (2023). Splitting one species into 22: an unusual tripling of molecular, morphological, and geographical differentiation in the fern family Didymochlaenaceae (Polypodiales). Cladistics, 39(4):273-292.

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Ponce, Denis A; Scheyer, Torsten M; Cerda, Ignacio A; Desojo, Julia B (2023). Palaeobiological inferences of "rauisuchians" Fasolasuchus tenax (Los Colorados Fm., Argentina) and Prestosuchus chiniquensis (Santa Maria Super sequence, Brazil) from the Middle-Upper Triassic of South America based on microstructural analyses. Journal of Anatomy:Epub ahead of print.

Amodeo, Antonio; Stojanovic, Milena; Erdil, Tugba; Dave, Hitendu; Cesnjevar, Robert; Paal, Sebastian; Kretschmar, Oliver; Schweiger, Martin (2023). Risk Factors and Outcomes of Children with Congenital Heart Disease on Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation-A Ten-Year Single-Center Report. Life, 13(7):1582.

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Šamonil, Pavel; Daněk, Pavel; Lutz, J A; Anderson-Teixeira, K J; Jaroš, J; Phillips, J D; Rousová, A; Adam, D; Larson, A J; Kašpar, J; Janik, D; Vašíčková, I; Gonzalez-Akre, E; Egli, Markus (2023). Tree mortality may drive landscape formation: Comparative study from ten temperate forests. Ecosystems, 26(2):257-276.

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