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Shams, Sara; Tavasolian, Mostafa; Amani-Shalamzari, Sadegh; Motamedi, Pezhman; Rajabi, Hamid; Weiss, Katja; Knechtle, Beat (2024). Effects of swimming in cold water on lipolysis indicators via fibroblast growth factor-21 in male Wistar rats. Biochemistry and biophysics reports, 38:101662.

Mazzini, Giulia; Le Foll, Christelle; Boyle, Christina N; Garelja, Michael L; Zhyvoloup, Alexander; Miller, Matthew E T; Hay, Debbie L; Raleigh, Daniel P; Lutz, Thomas A (2024). The processing intermediate of human amylin, pro-amylin(1–48), has in vivo and in vitro bioactivity. Biophysical Chemistry, 308:107201.

Genter, Jeremy; Croci, Eleonora; Oberreiter, Birgit; Eckers, Franziska; Bühler, Dominik; Gascho, Dominic; Müller, Andreas M; Mündermann, Annegret; Baumgartner, Daniel (2024). The influence of rotator cuff tear type and weight bearing on shoulder biomechanics in an ex vivo simulator experiment. Journal of Biomechanics, 166:112055.

Walsh, Linda; Hafner, Luana; Berger, Thomas; Matthiä, Daniel; Schneider, Uwe; Straube, Ulrich (2024). European astronaut radiation related cancer risk assessment using dosimetric calculations of organ dose equivalents. Zeitschrift für medizinische Physik, 34(1):92-99.

Kempf, Irina; Schneider, Uwe (2024). Monte Carlo model for ion mobility and diffusion for characteristic electric fields in nanodosimetry. Zeitschrift für medizinische Physik, 34(1):140-152.

Li, Ruixuan; Davoodi, Ayoob; Cai, Yuyu; Borghesan, Gianni; Cavalcanti, Nicola; Laux, Christoph J; Farshad, Mazda; Carrillo, Fabio; Fürnstahl, Philipp; Vander Poorten, Emmanuel (2024). Development and evaluation of robot-assisted ultrasound navigation system for pedicle screw placement: An ex-vivo animal validation. The International Journal of Medical Robotics + Computer Assisted Surgery, 20(1):e2590.


Pastor, Torsten; Zderic, Ivan; Souleiman, Firas; Drenchev, Ludmil; Skulev, Hristo Kostov; Berk, Till; Gueorguiev, Boyko; Knobe, Matthias (2023). Medial helical versus straight lateral plating of distal femoral fractures-a biomechanical comparative study. Clinical Biomechanics, 110:106119.

van Niftrik, Christiaan Hendrik Bas; Hiller, Aimée; Sebök, Martina; Halter, Matthias; Duffin, James; Fisher, Joseph A; Mikulis, David J; Regli, Luca; Piccirelli, Marco; Fierstra, Jorn (2023). Heterogeneous motor BOLD-fMRI responses in brain areas exhibiting negative BOLD cerebrovascular reactivity indicate that steal phenomenon does not always result from exhausted cerebrovascular reserve capacity. Magnetic Resonance Imaging, 103:124-130.

Wu, Xin; Amstutz, Florian; Weber, Damien C; Unkelbach, Jan; Lomax, Antony J; Zhang, Ye (2023). Patient-specific quality assurance for deformable IMRT/IMPT dose accumulation: Proposition and validation of energy conservation based validation criterion. Medical physics, 50(11):7130-7138.

Buxboim, Amnon; Kronenberg-Tenga, Rafael; Salajkova, Sarka; Avidan, Nili; Shahak, Hen; Thurston, Alice; Medalia, Ohad (2023). Scaffold, mechanics and functions of nuclear lamins. FEBS letters, 597(22):2791-2805.

Phaniraj, Nikhil; Wierucka, Kaja; Zürcher, Yvonne; Burkart, Judith M (2023). Who is calling? Optimizing source identification from marmoset vocalizations with hierarchical machine learning classifiers. Journal of the Royal Society Interface, 20(207):20230399.

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Obrist, Anika; Ruby, Lisa; Martin, Alexander; Frauenfelder, Thomas; Rominger, Marga; Paverd, Catherine (2023). Influence of Measurement Depth and Acquisition Parameters on Shear Wave Speed and Shear Wave Dispersion in Certified Phantoms Using a Canon Aplio Clinical Ultrasound Scanner. Ultrasound in Medicine & Biology, 49(8):1742-1759.

Torelli, Nathan; Papp, Dávid; Unkelbach, Jan (2023). Spatiotemporal fractionation schemes for stereotactic radiosurgery of multiple brain metastases. Medical physics, 50(8):5095-5114.

Hartrampf, Nina; Leitao, Samuel M; Winter, Nils; Toombs-Ruane, Henry; Frank, James A; Schwille, Petra; Trauner, Dirk; Franquelim, Henri G (2023). Structural diversity of photoswitchable sphingolipids for optodynamic control of lipid microdomains. Biophysical Journal, 122(11):2325-2341.

Neupane, Sandesh; De Cecco, Elena; Aguzzi, Adriano (2023). The Hidden Cell-to-Cell Trail of α-Synuclein Aggregates. Journal of Molecular Biology, 435(12):167930.

Martin, Louise F; Codron, Daryl; Winkler, Daniela E; Tütken, Thomas; Hatt, Jean-Michel; Clauss, Marcus (2023). Macroscopic dental measures in guinea pigs (Cavia porcellus) fed natural and pelleted diets of different abrasiveness: implications for wear and compensatory growth in a hypselodont species. Journal of the Royal Society Interface, 20(202):20230012.

Haupt, Samuel; Cornaz, Frédéric; Falkowski, Anna L; Farshad, Mazda; Widmer, Jonas (2023). The biomechanical consequence of posterior interventions at the thoracolumbar spine on the passively stabilized flexed posture. Journal of Biomechanics, 153:111599.

Amoudruz, Lucas; Economides, Athena; Arampatzis, Georgios; Koumoutsakos, Petros (2023). The stress-free state of human erythrocytes: Data-driven inference of a transferable RBC model. Biophysical Journal, 122(8):1517-1525.

Afshari, Roya; Santini, Francesco; Heule, Rahel; Meyer, Craig H; Pfeuffer, Josef; Bieri, Oliver (2023). Rapid whole-brain quantitative MT imaging. Zeitschrift für medizinische Physik:Epub ahead of print.

Uher, Klara; Ehrbar, Stefanie; Tanadini-Lang, Stephanie; Dal Bello, Riccardo (2023). Reduction of patient specific quality assurance through plan complexity metrics for VMAT plans with an open-source TPS script. Zeitschrift für medizinische Physik:Epub ahead of print.

Zhang, Junhao; Treyer, Valerie; Sun, Junfeng; Zhang, Chencheng; Gietl, Anton; Hock, Christoph; Razansky, Daniel; Nitsch, Roger M; Ni, Ruiqing (2023). Automatic analysis of skull thickness, scalp-to-cortex distance and association with age and sex in cognitively normal elderly. Brain Stimulation, 16(2):653-656.

Casanova, Elisa A; Rodriguez-Palomo, Adrian; Stähli, Lisa; Arnke, Kevin; Gröninger, Olivier; Generali, Melanie; Neldner, Yvonne; Tiziani, Simon; Dominguez, Ana Perez; Guizar-Sicairos, Manuel; Gao, Zirui; Appel, Christian; Nielsen, Leonard C; Georgiadis, Marios; Weber, Franz E; Stark, Wendelin; Pape, Hans-Christoph; Cinelli, Paolo; Liebi, Marianne (2023). SAXS imaging reveals optimized osseointegration properties of bioengineered oriented 3D-PLGA/aCaP scaffolds in a critical size bone defect model. Biomaterials, 294:121989.

Boraschi, Andrea; Spiegelberg, Andreas; Karimi, Fariba; Graf, Kevin; Fallahi, Arya; Neufeld, Esra; Kuster, Niels; Kurtcuoglu, Vartan (2023). The effect of body position change on noninvasively acquired intracranial pulse waves. Physiological Measurement, 44(3):035014.

Götschi, Tobias; Scheibler, Anne-Gita; Jaeger, Patrick; Wieser, Karl; Holenstein, Claude; Snedeker, Jess G; Camenzind, Roland S (2023). Improved suture pullout through genipin-coated sutures in human biceps tendons with spatially confined changes in cell viability. Clinical Biomechanics, 103:105907.

Schmid, N; Bruderer, S; Paruzzo, F; Fischetti, G; Toscano, G; Graf, D; Fey, M; Henrici, A; Ziebart, V; Heitmann, B; Grabner, H; Wegner, Jan Dirk; Sigel, R K O; Wilhelm, D (2023). Deconvolution of 1D NMR spectra: A deep learning-based approach. Journal of Magnetic Resonance, 347:107357.

Walsh, Sarah L; Engesser, Sabrina; Townsend, Simon W; Ridley, Amanda R (2023). Multi-level combinatoriality in magpie non-song vocalizations. Journal of the Royal Society Interface, 20(199):20220679.

Zhang, Junhao; Treyer, Valerie; Sun, Junfeng; Zhang, Chencheng; Gietl, Anton; Hock, Christoph; Razansky, Daniel; Nitsch, Roger M; Ni, Ruiqing (2023). Automatic analysis of skull thickness, scalp-to-cortex distance and association with age and sex in cognitively normal elderly. bioRxiv 524484, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory.

Götschi, Tobias; Schärer, Yannick; Gennisson, Jean-Luc; Snedeker, Jess G (2023). Investigation of the relationship between tensile viscoelasticity and unloaded ultrasound shear wave measurements in ex vivo tendon. Journal of Biomechanics, 146:111411.


Ernstbrunner, Lukas; Francis-Pester, Fraser W; Fox, Aaron; Wieser, Karl; Ackland, David C (2022). Patients with recurrent anterior shoulder instability exhibit altered glenohumeral and scapulothoracic joint kinematics during upper limb movement: A prospective comparative study. Clinical Biomechanics, 100:105775.

Pichler, Roman; Rizzo, Ludovica; Tröndle, Kevin; Bühler, Michaela; Brucker, Hanna; Müller, Anna-Lena; Grand, Kelli; Farè, Silvia; Viau, Amandine; Kaminski, Michael M; Kuehn, E Wolfgang; Koch, Fritz; Zimmermann, Stefan; Koltay, Peter; Lienkamp, Soeren S (2022). Tuning the 3D microenvironment of reprogrammed tubule cells enhances biomimetic modeling of polycystic kidney disease. Biomaterials, 291:121910.

Radonic, Stephan; Besserer, Jürgen; Rohrer Bley, Carla; Schneider, Uwe; Meier, Valeria (2022). A concept for anisotropic PTV margins including rotational setup uncertainties and its impact on the tumor control probability in canine brain tumors. Biomedical physics & engineering express, 8(6):065006.

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Kuratli, Jasmin; Leonard, Cory Ann; Frohns, Antonia; Schoborg, Robert; Piazena, Helmut; Borel, Nicole (2022). Refinement of water-filtered infrared A (wIRA) irradiations of in vitro acute and persistent chlamydial infections. Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology B: Biology, 234:112533.

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van Gogh, Stefano; Wang, Zhentian; Rawlik, Michał; Etmann, Christian; Mukherjee, Subhadip; Schönlieb, Carola-Bibiane; Angst, Florian; Boss, Andreas; Stampanoni, Marco (2022). INSIDEnet: Interpretable NonexpanSIve Data-Efficient network for denoising in grating interferometry breast CT. Medical physics, 49(6):3729-3748.

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