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Pohle, Alexander; Kröger, Björn; Warnock, Rachel C M; King, Andy H; Evans, David H; Aubrechtová, Martina; Cichowolski, Marcela; Fang, Xiang; Klug, Christian (2022). Early cephalopod evolution clarified through Bayesian phylogenetic inference. BMC Biology, 20:88.

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Mamie, Céline; Bruckner, Ramona S; Lang, Silvia; Shpigel, Nahum Y; Turina, Matthias; Rickenbacher, Andreas; Cabalzar-Wondberg, Daniela; Chvatchko, Yolanda; Rogler, Gerhard; Scharl, Michael (2022). MMP9 expression in intestinal fistula from patients with fistulizing CD and from human xenograft mouse model. Tissue Barriers, 10(2):Epub ahead of print.

Bognàr, Tim; Bartelink, Imke H; Egberts, Toine C G; Rademaker, Carin M A; Versluys, A Birgitta; et al; Güngör, Tayfun (2022). Association between the magnitude of intravenous busulfan exposure and development of hepatic veno-occlusive disease in children and young adults undergoing myeloablative allogeneic hematopoietic cell transplantation. Transplantation and Cellular Therapy, 28(4):196-202.

Häfliger, Janine; Morsy, Yasser; Scharl, Michael; Wawrzyniak, Marcin (2022). From Patient Material to New Discoveries: a Methodological Review and Guide for Intestinal Stem Cell Researchers. Stem Cell Reviews and Reports, 18(4):1309-1321.

Dzung, Andreas; Saltari, Annalisa; Tiso, Natascia; Lyck, Ruth; Dummer, Reinhard; Levesque, Mitchell P (2022). STK11 Prevents Invasion through Signal Transducer and Activator of Transcription 3/5 and FAK Repression in Cutaneous Melanoma. Journal of Investigative Dermatology, 142(4):1171-1182.e10.

Tonnus, Wulf; Locke, Sophie; Meyer, Claudia; Maremonti, Francesca; Eggert, Lena; von Mässenhausen, Anne; Bornstein, Stefan R; Green, Douglas R; Linkermann, Andreas (2022). Rubicon-deficiency sensitizes mice to mixed lineage kinase domain-like (MLKL)-mediated kidney ischemia-reperfusion injury. Cell Death and Disease, 13:236.

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de Leeuw, Sherida M; Kirschner, Aron W T; Lindner, Karina; Rust, Ruslan; Budny, Vanessa; Wolski, Witold E; Gavin, Anne-Claude; Nitsch, Roger M; Tackenberg, Christian (2022). APOE2, E3, and E4 differentially modulate cellular homeostasis, cholesterol metabolism, and inflammatory response in isogenic iPSC-derived astrocytes. Stem Cell Reports, 17(1):110-126.

Bapst, Andreas M; Knöpfel, Thomas; Nolan, Karen A; Imeri, Faik; Schuh, Claus D; Hall, Andrew M; Guo, Jia; Katschinski, Dörthe M; Wenger, Roland H (2022). Neurogenic and pericytic plasticity of conditionally immortalized cells derived from renal erythropoietin‐producing cells. Journal of Cellular Physiology:Epub ahead of print.


Wallimann, Alexandra; Magrath, Walker; Pugliese, Brenna; Stocker, Nino; Westermann, Patrick; Heider, Anja; Gehweiler, Dominic; Zeiter, Stephan; Claesson, Marcus J; Richards, R Geoff; Akdis, Cezmi A; Hernandez, Christopher J; O’Mahony, Liam; Thompson, Keith; Moriarty, T Fintan (2021). Butyrate Inhibits Osteoclast Activity In Vitro and Regulates Systemic Inflammation and Bone Healing in a Murine Osteotomy Model Compared to Antibiotic-Treated Mice. Mediators of Inflammation, 2021(Sp. Issue):8817421.

Kozyra, Emilia J; Göhring, Gudrun; Hickstein, Dennis D; Calvo, Katherine R; DiNardo, Courtney D; Dworzak, Michael; de Haas, Valerie; Starý, Jan; Hasle, Henrik; Shimamura, Akiko; Fleming, Mark D; Inaba, Hiroto; Lewis, Sara; Hsu, Amy P; Holland, Steven M; Arnold, Danielle E; Mecucci, Cristina; Keel, Siobán B; Bertuch, Alison A; Tawana, Kiran; Barzilai, Shlomit; Hirabayashi, Shinsuke; Onozawa, Masahiro; Lei, Shaohua; Alaiz, Helena; Andrikovics, Hajnalka; Betts, David; Beverloo, Berna H; Buechner, Jochen; Čermák, Martin; et al; Tchinda, Joelle (2021). Association of unbalanced translocation der(1;7) with germline GATA2 mutations. Blood, 138(23):2441-2445.

Butler, Miriam; van Ingen Schenau, Dorette S; Yu, Jiangyan; Jenni, Silvia; Dobay, Maria P; Hagelaar, Rico; Vervoort, Britt M T; Tee, Trisha M; Hoff, Fieke W; Meijerink, Jules P; Kornblau, Steven M; Bornhauser, Beat; Bourquin, Jean-Pierre; Kuiper, Roland P; van der Meer, Laurens T; van Leeuwen, Frank N (2021). BTK inhibition sensitizes acute lymphoblastic leukemia to asparaginase by suppressing the amino acid response pathway. Blood, 138(23):2383-2395.

Hines, Timothy J; Tadenev, Abigail L D; Lone, Museer A; Hatton, Courtney L; Bagasrawala, Inseyah; Stum, Morgane G; Miers, Kathy E; Hornemann, Thorsten; Burgess, Robert W (2021). Precision mouse models of Yars/dominant intermediate Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease type C and Sptlc1/hereditary sensory and autonomic neuropathy type 1. Journal of Anatomy:Epub ahead of print.

Sailer, Christian; Tiberi, Simone; Schmid, Bernhard; Stöcklin, Jürg; Grossniklaus, Ueli (2021). Apomixis and genetic background affect distinct traits in Hieracium pilosella L. grown under competition. BMC Biology, 19:177.

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