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León, Hairo; Medina, Katy; Loarte, Edwin; Azócar, Guillermo; Iribarren, Pablo; Huggel, Christian (2021). Mountain permafrost in the Tropical Andes of Peru: the 0°C isotherm as a potential indicator. In: Regional Conference on Permafrost 2021 and the 19th International Conference on Cold Regions Engineering, Virtual Conference, 24 October 2021 - 29 October 2021. US Permafrost Association (USPA), 117-129.

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Büechi, Emanuel; Klimeš, Jan; Frey, Holger; Huggel, Christian; Strozzi, Tazio; Cochachin, Alejo (2019). Regional-scale landslide susceptibility modelling in the Cordillera Blanca, Peru—a comparison of different approaches. Landslides, 16(2):395-407.


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