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Neun, Moritz; Eichenberger, Christian; Xin, Yanan; Fu, Cheng; Wiedemann, Nina; Martin, Henry; Tomko, Martin; Ambühl, Lukas; Hermes, Luca; Kopp, Michael (2023). Metropolitan segment traffic speeds from massive floating car data in 10 cities. IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems, 24(11):12821-12830.

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Hoch, A; Liebmann, F; Carrillo, F; Farshad, Mazda; Rahm, S; Zingg, P O; Fürnstahl, P (2021). Augmented Reality Based Surgical Navigation of the Periacetabular Osteotomy of Ganz – A Pilot Cadaveric Study. In: Rauter, Georg; Cattin, Philippe C; Zaman, Azfar; Riener, Robert; et al. New Trends in Medical and Service Robotics. Cham: Springer, 192-201.

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