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Capdevila, Bernat; Crivellin, Andreas; Matias, Joaquim (2024). Review of semileptonic B anomalies. European Physical Journal. Special Topics, 233(2):409-428.

Adams, Pardis; Schnyder, Ramon; Moehl, Thomas; Bühler, Jan; Alvarez, Angel Labordet; Dimitrievska, Mirjana; McKenna, Keith; Yang, Wooseok; Tilley, S David (2024). Post-Synthetic Silver Ion and Sulfurization Treatment for Enhanced Performance in Sb$_2$Se$_3$ Water Splitting Photocathodes. Advanced Functional Materials, 34(10):2310596.

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Rütsche, Dominic; Nanni, Monica; Rüdisser, Simon; Biedermann, Thomas; Zenobi‐Wong, Marcy (2023). Enzymatically Crosslinked Collagen as a Versatile Matrix for In Vitro and In Vivo Co‐Engineering of Blood and Lymphatic Vasculature. Advanced Materials, 35(16):e2209476.

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