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Naef, Noah U; Seeger, Stefan (2023). Superhydrophobic Self‐Cleaning Membranes Made by Electrospinning. Macromolecular Materials and Engineering, 308(6):2200613.

Casper, Jens; Nicolle, Laura; Willimann, Melanie; Kuzucu, Evrim Ümit; Tran, Alan; Robin, Perrine; Detampel, Pascal; Grisch‐Chan, Hiu Man; Thöny, Beat; Huwyler, Jörg; Gerber‐Lemaire, Sandrine (2023). Core-Shell Structured Chitosan-Polyethylenimine Nanoparticles for Gene Delivery: Improved Stability, Cellular Uptake, and Transfection Efficiency. Macromolecular Bioscience, 23:e2200314.


Par, Matej; Plančak, Laura; Ratkovski, Lucija; Tauböck, Tobias T; Marovic, Danijela; Attin, Thomas; Tarle, Zrinka (2022). Improved Flexural Properties of Experimental Resin Composites Functionalized with a Customized Low-Sodium Bioactive Glass. Polymers, 14(20):4289.

Par, Matej; Burrer, Phoebe; Prskalo, Katica; Schmid, Saskia; Schubiger, Anna-Lena; Marovic, Danijela; Tarle, Zrinka; Attin, Thomas; Tauböck, Tobias T (2022). Polymerization Kinetics and Development of Polymerization Shrinkage Stress in Rapid High-Intensity Light-Curing. Polymers, 14(16):3296.

Hartz, Julia J; Keller, Sarina Pascale; Tauböck, Tobias T; Attin, Thomas; Wegehaupt, Florian J (2022). Influence of pretreatments on microtensile bond strength to eroded dentin using a universal adhesive in self-etch mode. International Journal of Adhesion and Adhesives, 114:103108.


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Ballal, Nidambur Vasudev; Roy, Amal; Zehnder, Matthias (2021). Effect of Sodium Hypochlorite Concentration in Continuous Chelation on Dislodgement Resistance of an Epoxy Resin and Hydraulic Calcium Silicate Sealer. Polymers, 13(20):3482.


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Michelotti, Gioia; Niedzwiecki, Maria; Bidjan, Darius; Dieckmann, Phoebe; Deari, Shengjile; Attin, Thomas; Tauböck, Tobias T (2020). Silane Effect of Universal Adhesive on the Composite-Composite Repair Bond Strength after Different Surface Pretreatments. Polymers, 12(4):950.

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Swinarew, Andrzej Szymon; Swinarew, Beata; Gabor, Jadwiga; Popczyk, Magdalena; Kubik, Klaudia; Stanula, Arkadiusz; Waśkiewicz, Zbigniew; Rosemann, Thomas; Knechtle, Beat (2019). New Kind of Polymer Materials Based on Selected Complexing Star-Shaped Polyethers. Polymers, 11(10):1554.


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