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Coray, Rebecca C; Zimmermann, Josua; Haugg, Amelie; Baumgartner, Markus R; Steuer, Andrea Eva; Seifritz, Erich; Stock, Ann‐Kathrin; Beste, Christian; Cole, David M; Quednow, Boris B (2023). The functional connectome of 3,4‐methyldioxymethamphetamine‐related declarative memory impairments. Human Brain Mapping, 44(15):5079-5094.

Ponce, Denis A; Scheyer, Torsten M; Cerda, Ignacio A; Desojo, Julia B (2023). Palaeobiological inferences of "rauisuchians" Fasolasuchus tenax (Los Colorados Fm., Argentina) and Prestosuchus chiniquensis (Santa Maria Super sequence, Brazil) from the Middle-Upper Triassic of South America based on microstructural analyses. Journal of Anatomy:Epub ahead of print.

Wang, Wei; Spiekman, Stephan N F; Zhao, Lijun; Rieppel, Olivier; Scheyer, Torsten M; Fraser, Nicholas C; Li, Chun (2023). A new long‐necked archosauromorph from the Guanling Formation (Anisian, Middle Triassic) of southwestern China and its implications for neck evolution in tanystropheids. The anatomical record:Epub ahead of print.

Weinreb, Ilan; Rooper, Lisa M; Dickson, Brendan C; Hahn, Elan; Perez-Ordonez, Bayardo; Smith, Stephen M; Lewis, James S; Skalova, Alena; Baněčková, Martina; Wakely, Paul E; Thompson, Lester D R; Rupp, Niels J; Freiberger, Sandra N; Koduru, Prasad; Gagan, Jeffrey; Bishop, Justin A (2023). Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma With Striking Tubular Hypereosinophilia: A Unique Pattern Associated With Nonparotid Location and Both Canonical and Novel EWSR1::MYB and FUS::MYB Fusions. American Journal of Surgical Pathology, 47(4):497-503.

Kaliuzhna, Mariia; Kirschner, Matthias; Tobler, Philippe N; Kaiser, Stefan (2023). Comparing adaptive coding of reward in bipolar I disorder and schizophrenia. Human Brain Mapping, 44(2):523-534.


Georgalis, Georgios L; Szyndlar, Zbigniew (2022). First occurrence of <i>Psammophis</i> (Serpentes) from Europe witnesses another Messinian herpetofaunal dispersal from Africa – biogeographic implications and a discussion of the vertebral morphology of psammophiid snakes. The anatomical record, 305(11):3263-3282.

Cole, David M; Stämpfli, Philipp; Gandia, Robert; Schibli, Louis; Gantner, Sandro; Schuetz, Philipp; Meier, Michael L (2022). In the back of your mind: Cortical mapping of paraspinal afferent inputs. Human Brain Mapping, 43(16):4943-4953.

Hines, Timothy J; Tadenev, Abigail L D; Lone, Museer A; Hatton, Courtney L; Bagasrawala, Inseyah; Stum, Morgane G; Miers, Kathy E; Hornemann, Thorsten; Burgess, Robert W (2022). Precision mouse models of Yars/dominant intermediate Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease type C and Sptlc1/hereditary sensory and autonomic neuropathy type 1. Journal of Anatomy, 241(5):1169-1185.

Herbst, Eva C; Eberhard, Enrico A; Richards, Christopher T; Hutchinson, John R (2022). In vivo and ex vivo range of motion in the fire salamander Salamandra salamandra. Journal of Anatomy, 241(4):1066-1082.

Herbst, Eva C; Eberhard, Enrico A; Hutchinson, John R; Richards, Christopher T (2022). Spherical frame projections for visualising joint range of motion, and a complementary method to capture mobility data. Journal of Anatomy, 241(4):1054-1065.

Seiler, Roger; Eppenberger, Patrick; Bickel, Susanne; Rühli, Frank (2022). The importance of the nasopharynx and anterior skull base in excerebration techniques from KV40, a New Kingdom Egyptian site. The anatomical record, 305(8):1938-1946.

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Charquero‐Ballester, Marina; Kleim, Birgit; Vidaurre, Diego; Ruff, Christian; Stark, Eloise; Tuulari, Jetro J; McManners, Hugh; Bar‐Haim, Yair; Bouquillon, Linda; Moseley, Allison; Williams, Steven C R; Woolrich, Mark W; Kringelbach, Morten L; Ehlers, Anke (2022). Effective psychological therapy for PTSD changes the dynamics of specific large-scale brain networks. Human Brain Mapping, 43(10):3207-3220.

Paner, Gladell P; Chumbalkar, Vaibhav; Montironi, Rodolfo; Moch, Holger; Amin, Mahul B (2022). Updates in Grading of Renal Cell Carcinomas Beyond Clear Cell Renal Cell Carcinoma and Papillary Renal Cell Carcinoma. Advances in Anatomic Pathology, 29(3):117-130.

Steffen, Tobias; Winklhofer, Sebastian; Starz, Felicitas; Wiedemeier, Daniel; Ahmadli, Uzeyir; Stadlinger, Bernd (2022). Three-dimensional perception of cinematic rendering versus conventional volume rendering using CT and CBCT data of the facial skeleton. Annals of Anatomy - Anatomischer Anzeiger, 241:151905.

Maliković, Jovana; Amrein, Irmgard; Vinciguerra, Lorenzo; Lalošević, Dušan; Wolfer, David P; Slomianka, Lutz (2022). Cell numbers in the reflected blade of CA3 and their relation to other hippocampal principal cell populations across seven species. Frontiers in Neuroanatomy, 16:1070035.

van den Heuvel, Odile A; Boedhoe, Premika S W; Bertolin, Sara; et al; Grünblatt, Edna; Walitza, Susanne (2022). An overview of the first 5 years of the ENIGMA obsessive-compulsive disorder working group: the power of worldwide collaboration. Human Brain Mapping, 43(1):23-36.

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Frangou, Sophia; Modabbernia, Amirhossein; Williams, Steven C R; Papachristou, Efstathios; Doucet, Gaelle E; et al; Brandeis, Daniel (2022). Cortical thickness across the lifespan: Data from 17,075 healthy individuals aged 3-90 years. Human Brain Mapping, 43(1):431-451.

Wierenga, Lara M; Doucet, Gaelle E; Dima, Danai; Agartz, Ingrid; Aghajani, Moji; Akudjedu, Theophilus N; Albajes-Eizagirre, Anton; Alnaes, Dag; Alpert, Kathryn I; Andreassen, Ole A; Anticevic, Alan; Asherson, Philip; Banaschewski, Tobias; Bargallo, Nuria; Baumeister, Sarah; Baur-Streubel, Ramona; Bertolino, Alessandro; Bonvino, Aurora; Boomsma, Dorret I; Borgwardt, Stefan; Bourque, Josiane; den Braber, Anouk; Brandeis, Daniel; Breier, Alan; Brodaty, Henry; Brouwer, Rachel M; Buitelaar, Jan K; Busatto, Geraldo F; Calhoun, Vince D; Canales-Rodríguez, Erick J; et al (2022). Greater male than female variability in regional brain structure across the lifespan. Human Brain Mapping, 43(1):470-499.

Kong, Xiang‐Zhen; Francks, Clyde; Mathias, Samuel R; Guadalupe, Tulio; et al; Walitza, Susanne (2022). Reproducibility in the absence of selective reporting: An illustration from large‐scale brain asymmetry research. Human Brain Mapping, 43(1):244-254.

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Le Verger, Kévin; González Ruiz, Laureano R; Billet, Guillaume (2021). Comparative anatomy and phylogenetic contribution of intracranial osseous canals and cavities in armadillos and glyptodonts (Xenarthra, Cingulata). Journal of Anatomy, 239(6):1473-1502.

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dos Santos, Marcelo Danilllo Matos; Aidar, Felipe J; Alejo, Andres Armas; de Matos, Dihogo Gama; de Souza, Raphael Fabricio; de Almeida-Neto, Paulo Francisco; de Araújo Tinoco Cabral, Breno Guilherme; Nikolaidis, Pantelis Theo; Knechtle, Beat; Clemente, Filipe Manuel; Murawska-Ciałowicz, Eugenia; Badicu, Georgian (2021). Analysis of Grip Amplitude on Velocity in Paralympic Powerlifting. Journal of Functional Morphology and Kinesiology, 6(4):86.

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Kurthen, Ira; Galbier, Jolanda; Jagoda, Laura; Neuschwander, Pia; Giroud, Nathalie; Meyer, Martin (2021). Selective attention modulates neural envelope tracking of informationally masked speech in healthy older adults. Human Brain Mapping, 42(10):3042-3057.

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Ackermans, Nicole L; Martin, Louise F; Codron, Daryl; Kircher, Patrick R; Richter, Henning; Clauss, Marcus; Hatt, Jean-Michel (2021). Confirmation of a wear‐compensation mechanism in dental roots of ruminants. The anatomical record, 304(2):425-436.

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Tereshenko, Vlad; Dotzauer, Dominik C; Maierhofer, Udo; Festin, Christopher; Luft, Matthias; Laengle, Gregor; Politikou, Olga; Klein, Holger J; Blumer, Roland; Aszmann, Oskar C; Bergmeister, Konstantin D (2021). Selective Denervation of the Facial Dermato-Muscular Complex in the Rat: Experimental Model and Anatomical Basis. Frontiers in Neuroanatomy, 15:650761.


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Smigielski, Lukasz; Kometer, Michael; Scheidegger, Milan; Stress, Cornelia; Preller, Katrin H; Koenig, Thomas; Vollenweider, Franz X (2020). P300‐mediated modulations in self–other processing under psychedelic psilocybin are related to connectedness and changed meaning: A window into the self–other overlap. Human Brain Mapping, 41(17):4982-4996.

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